Ceramic Heaters – Now Available in Black

The Heaters

The benefits of ceramic heaters in industrial and commercial premises are well established.  Ceramic heaters provide virtually instant, direct heat without the light output associated with other types of radiant heaters. 

Typical applications include spot heating workstations, heating community halls and even animal enclosures.

Ceramic heaters provide virtually instant heat – ideal for sporadically used premises 

The linear 3kW units are the newest addition to the range and are available in ivory and black 

Stylish Design

Ceramic heaters may be effective, but they have never been considered attractive.  However, with the introduction of BN Thermic’s CH2 range things have changed.  The new design is more compact than its predecessor with an attractive curved profile.  The range includes 1.5kW (single ceramic) 3kW (double ceramic) with 3kW models available in both vertical and linear formats.

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Choice of Finish

The most striking feature of the new range is that BN Thermic ceramic heaters are now available in black as well as the traditional ivory.  The choice of colour does not only apply to the heater case but also to the ceramic heat emitter itself providing a totally colour coordinated appearance.

Ceramic heaters omit no light or noise output making them a very unobtrusive means of heating 

Ceramic heaters providing localised heating in an iguana enclosure at Chessington zoo

Can We Help?

We are very experienced in selecting the right ceramic heaters for any application. Please call our Customer Service Department to discuss your next heating project on 01293 547 361.