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Community Hall Heaters

From scout meetings to jumble sales and from Pilates classes to badminton competitions, community halls and village halls are home to a wide range of activities and require a heating system suitable for all of them.

BN Thermic generally recommends that heaters are mounted at high level.  This allows for flexible use of floor and wall space and avoids the potential for mechanical damage to which low level heaters can be subjected.

In the perfect world events are planned weeks in advance and the heating could be programmed to suit. However, in reality, plans are changed at the last minute, meaning that heaters providing a quick warm up are preferred.

The engineers at BN Thermic realise that installing a new heating system in a community hall or village hall is a significant financial commitment. It is therefore important that proposed heating solutions offer not only optimum economy but also the longest possible operating life.  In other words, a community hall or village hall requires the lowest possible whole life cost from its new heating system.

The following notes provide details of the two most commonly adopted heating systems.  For more detailed product information, please click through to the relevant product pages.

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Radiant Cassettes

There are several important considerations when selecting suitable heaters for a community hall or village hall.


Community halls and village halls tend to have high ceilings resulting in a need to heat a large volume of air.  For this reason, selecting an inappropriate heating technology can result in unacceptable fuel bills.

Energy saving radiant cassettes offer a more economic means of heating community halls and village halls than conventional heaters for two distinct reasons. 

  1. The cassette’s long wave radiant effect means that the ‘experienced’ temperature is always somewhat higher than the surrounding air temperature.  This feature allows the thermostat to be set at a lower temperature than would otherwise be the case.
  2. Conventional heating systems produce air temperatures at ceiling level much warmer than at floor level.  This ‘over-heated’ air is expensive to generate and serves no useful purpose.  Radiant cassettes do not give rise to a significant temperature gradient, resulting in real savings in energy spend.

Suitability for the Environment

Radiant cassettes are mounted at high level and therefore it is highly unlikely that the heaters will interfere with activities.

Radiant cassettes are housed in a tough steel case.  This means that even if there is accidental contact with a heater, perhaps from a football or tennis ball, it is highly unlikely to cause any damage to the cassettes.

The long wave radiant energy emitted by a radiant cassette is not accompanied by an associated light output.  This contrasts with shortwave radiant heaters (halogen heaters) which produce a very noticeable glow.  This glow may not be acceptable in a community hall used for theatrical productions or film nights.

Unlike fan heaters, radiant cassettes operate silently.  This may not be an important feature during a rowdy scout meeting but could be a significant consideration when a community hall or village hall is used for meetings or perhaps yoga classes.

HN Series

Halogen Heaters

BN Thermic’s Halogen heaters are widely used for heating village halls and community halls.  Halogen heaters are mounted at high level and emit shortwave energy that passes through the air with virtually no losses until it is experienced as warmth by people entering its target area.  A well-designed halogen heating system requires an understanding of thermal footprints and the required heat density.  Our engineers are very experienced in this area and are always available to help design a bespoke heating scheme.


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