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BN Thermic represents

CCI Thermal Technologies Inc.

Suppliers of the world famous


Ruffneck range of products

ATEX approved unit heaters and a wide variety of space heating and process heating equipment. CLICK HERE

The Best Choice for Industrial and Commercial Electric Heating

Product Index

Below you'll find a convenient index of our catalogue.
If you require any further information or simply can't find what you're looking for don't hesitate to give us a call on 01293 547361.

Product Description
800 Series High level wall or overdoor fan assisted heaters
A16C Programmable digital thermostat
BLC Pew heaters
BLS 110V convector heater
CH Ceramic heaters
CHS Multi-Heater System for 600 x 600 Ceiling Grid
CON Contactors
CRJ Self Regulating Pipe Freeze Protection Cables
CS1 Remote Mounted Controller
DSU series Destratification units
EFC Fan Convector Heater
EHC Underfloor Heating Cables - ceramic/stone floor
ERC Snow and Ice Melting Heating Mats
ERC-T1 Thermostat for Snow and Ice Melting
ESP Radiant Cassettes
ETH Terrace heaters
F Series Foil Heating Mats for laminate/engineered wood floors
FST-EX Wall mounted frost thermostat - IP65
FST-IN Wall mounted frost thermostat - standard
GP Self-regulating Cable for gutters & downpipes
GP-T Electronic Thermostat for Gutter and Downpipe Heating Systems
HB Shortwave Workshop Heater
Hard Case Tamperproof Electronic Control Devices
HCA Air Curtain
HN Series Shortwave Infrared Halogen heaters
Product Description
HWP2 Patio Heaters
LH Underfloor Heating - laminate/engineered wood floors
LH-K Underfloor Heating - laminate/engineered wood floors
M Series Underfloor Heating Mats - ceramic/stone floor
MD Mirror Demister Pads
OUH Unit heaters
PROSTAT-7 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
PW Pipe Freeze Protection Cables
RH Recessed fan assisted heaters
RL Replacement Lamps for Radiant Heaters
RP Radiant ceiling panels
RST-EX Wall Mounted Thermostat - IP54
RST-IN Room Thermostat for Comfort Heating
RST-TP Energy Saving Tamperproof Thermostat
SCH Fan Assisted Heaters for 600 x 600 Ceiling Grid
SWD Industrial tubular heaters
T16C Touch Screen 7 day Prog. Thermostat
TIM-D1 24 Hour / 7 Day Programmable Timer
TS-3 Pre-programmed Push Button Timer
TS-4 Push Button (User Selectable Time Delay)
U16C 7 Day Programmable Thermostat
UFH Accessories
UFH Controls
VR-1 Dimmer switch
WH-402 Movement sensor
WHE Compact wall mounted fan assisted heaters (surface or recessed)

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