Village Hall Case Study

We were recently involved in a heating project at a village hall in Essex. The hall was undergoing major renovation works and we were kindly asked to carry out a site visit and specify a suitable heating system. Here is how it all unfolded.

ESPs area a sophisticated and unobtrusive means of heating commercial premises.

A close up of an ESP radiant cassette

The Solution

After the site visit we designed a heating scheme consisting of four 2.4kW radiant cassettes controlled by an Hard Case tamperproof thermostat.

The Requirements

The village hall is used sporadically throughout the week for a wide variety of activities including a fitness club and bring-and-buy sales.  At the time of our site visit the original heating system had been disconnected and the committee was looking for an economic replacement. Given the various activities that go on there, wall space was at a premium so a ceiling mounted heating system was preferred. A secure and reliable control system was also required.

Why ESP Radiant Cassettes?

Our ESP radiant cassettes provide an economic means of heating large commercial spaces and are ideal for village halls. They give off no noise or light output and are designed to operate at high mounting points/ceilings, thus freeing up wall space.


A great shot of the village hall after all the work was completed

Radiant cassettes are also the most economic heaters for buildings with high ceiling for the following 2 reasons:

  • Their gentle radiant effect means the ‘experienced temperature’ can be 4 degrees warmer than the actual air temperature in a room. This means the thermostat can be set up to 4 degrees lower. We use a similar style long wave radiant heater throughout the BN Thermic head office which has its thermostat set at 16 degrees throughout the winter! 
  • Also, the temperature gradient is negligible with radiant cassettes. Typically air temperature will increase 0.3C per metre above the floor level which compares far better to a typical 2.5C increase per metre when using fan heaters.  (see photo)

The cassette’s white finish also makes them a very unobtrusive means of heating this application as you can see in the photos. We controlled this system using a tamperproof thermostat which only allows authorised personnel access to the temperature settings.

Was it successful?

After the renovation, the village hall opened its doors to the general public with an official re-opening event and an inaugural pop up restaurant event. The treasurer, kindly sent us this his thoughts in an email which was summed up with this comment:

‘Many have commented not only how warm the hall is but also the unobtrusive heaters – so much so the electrical contractors would be happy to recommend. I would also happily recommend you and the company to any prospective purchaser.’

How can we help you?

BN Thermic offers a free design and site visit service for any commercial or industrial heating application. Our team of engineers has over 100 years experience in the electrical heating industry and are only a phone call away.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss your next heating project on 01293 547 361.