Theatre Heating

In this blog we look at a commercial heating project at a theatre called Wagner Hall in Brighton, East Sussex. We were called in by our friends at AC Electrical to carry out a site visit and to specify a new heating system. Here is how it unfolded.

The Hall

Wagner hall is a large space that is used for various events including theatre, seminars, weddings and conferences.  The hall has a high ceiling and often has raised, tiered rows of seats at the rear. The owners of Wagner Hall required a ceiling mounted, noise free heating system that will free up wall space and cannot be heard during performances.

Wagner Hall, Brighton

Radiant cassettes are an unobtrusive means of heating various
commercial applications

The Solution 

We specified 9 x 3kW longwave radiant cassettes. The cassettes we ideal for this application as they are designed to be installed at high levels and provide comfort radiant heat with no light/noise output.

Conventional fan/convection heating systems are not always ideal for these types of premises as hot air rises and accumulates at the ceiling. The temperature gradient when using radiant cassettes in negligible meaning the temperature at the ceiling will be very similar to the ‘experienced’ temperature at floor level. This is ideal as the people on the back row of the tiered seating will not over heat.

Click for full heater specs.

The system was controlled via a tamperproof thermostat and our robust PROTIM-7 timer giving the staff accurate, 7 day control.

The Outcome

Everyone at Wagner Hall was very pleased with the system as it gave them efficient, controllable  heat throughout. We would also like to congratulate Craig and his team at AC Electrical on their quality installation. 

We design and supply heating systems for any commercial or industrial heating application. Call us on 01293 547 361 to discuss a project.  

Radiant cassettes are ideal for heating theaters as they give off
no noise or light output