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Shortwave workshop heater
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HB Shortwave Workshop Heater

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Shortwave workshop heater

Shortwave workshop heater

  • HB infrared halogen heaters provide instant comfort heat to people without the need to heat the surrounding air
  • IP44 rated, the HB-1500 is ideally suited to outdoor applications such as smoking areas
  • Commonly used to ‘spot’ heat a workbench
Shortwave workshop heater

Shortwave workshop heater

Rear view of workshop heater

Rear view of workshop heater



(There is only one heater in the HB range).

Model kW Volts
HB-1500 1.5 230/1


Model Description
VR-2 Dimmer (3kW max)
TS-6 Time delay switch – pre-programmed (3kW max direct switching)
WH-402 Movement sensor (3kW max direct switching)



Technical Specification

Model: HB-1500
Output: 1500W
Supply: 230V 1ph
Lamp: Gold filtered halogen lamp (see below)
Construction: Aluminium construction with stainless steel safety guard
Electro anodised aluminium press-formed parabolic reflector
Mounting: Steel wall bracket providing ‘up and down’ adjustment (the HB-1500 is not suitable for suspension)
Electrical connections: 1m high temperature cable pre-wired to rear-mounted terminal enclosure
Dimensions: 400mm (L) x 140mm (H) x 85mm (D)
Weight: 1.5kg
Guarantee: 1 year

Lamp Specification

Model: RL15GH
Output:  1500W
Voltage: 240V
Burning position: Horizontal
Overall length:  353mm+/-2mm
Finish:  Gold Coating
Cap: Sk15 with epoxy seal
Lead length: 230mm+/-5mm
Lead type: Double insulated
Terminals: M4 fork

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit

Shortwave Technology

The HB infrared heater utilises shortwave technology to provide the most economic means of heating intermittently used buildings or of providing spot heating in an otherwise unheated area

IP44 rating

Allows the HB heater to be used for outdoor applications such as smoking areas

Halogen Lamp

The high quality infrared halogen lamp produces shortwave radiant energy that can pass through the air with virtually no losses until it is experienced as warmth by people entering its target area,

The lamp will be 100% effective the instant it is switched on.

Gold Lamp Filter

The state of the art gold lamp filter emits a soft pink glow and converts a ‘best in class’ 95% of its output into useful infrared energy

The soft pink/orange glow is generally acceptable in all installations including churches.  This was not the case with the ruby filtered lamps from a previous generation.

Long lamp life

An average lamp life of 7000 hours operation means minimal ‘down time’ and a corresponding saving in the cost of spare lamps

Precision parabolic reflector

The highly polished and precision designed parabolic reflector efficiently focuses the shortwave energy at the target area ensuring maximum benefit from every kW consumed

Safety Guard Prevents accidental contact with the heat lamp

Angle adjustable mounting bracket

The bracket provides  ‘up and down’ angle adjustment allowing the heater to be focussed precisely on the target area.


How it Works

HB infrared halogen heaters use quartz heat lamps to produce shortwave energy.  This energy is directed at the required target area by a precision designed parabolic reflector.  Shortwave energy moves in straight lines from the reflector to the target area without heating the air in between.  However once the energy is absorbed by solid bodies, which could be objects or people, it is experienced as heat.

Shortwave energy cannot be blown off course by breezes and draughts and is ideally suited as a heating method in intermittently used buildings and for spot heating within a larger unheated space.

HB infrared halogen heaters are supplied with adjustable brackets for wall mounting. 

As HB infrared halogen heaters are 100% effective the instant they are switched on, there is no need to pre-warm an area.  For this reason it is a good idea to use control devices that ensure that an occupied area is not heated.  Typically these would be time delay switches or movement sensors.  See the ‘controls’ tab for full details of the BN Thermic range of halogen heater controls.

A brief explanation of a halogen lamp

To produce shortwave energy a very high temperature is required.  This is achieved by centering a tungsten filament in a quartz tube.  The tungsten filament operates at a very high temperature and without the presence of a halogen gas; particles from the filament would evaporate from the filament and be deposited on the relatively cooler inner wall of the tube causing blackening and severely reducing lamp life. 

The presence of a halogen gas gives rise to a phenomenon known as the halogen cycle.  A chemical reaction between the halogen gas, tungsten and oxygen creates tungsten oxyhalide molecules which, in a vapour form, migrate from the inner wall of the tube back towards the filament where the high temperature breaks the tungsten oxyhalide molecules apart.  At this stage the tungsten atoms are re-deposited on the filament whist the oxygen and halogen atoms move back towards the wall of the lamp allowing the cycle to repeat.

The halogen cycle allows a lamp to operate at high temperatures without blackening for several thousand hours.


HB infrared halogen heaters heat people directly without the need to build up and maintain a body of warm air.  For this reason thermostatic control is rarely appropriate.  Applicable control falls into the following two categories.

  1.  Intensity adjustment
  2. Devices to reduce running costs


Intensity Adjustment

VR-2 Dimmer


VR-2 Dimmer

The VR-2 dimmer can control the density of the output from infrared halogen heaters up to 3kW.  A simple panel front knob provides 30% to 100% adjustment.  It also proves a convenient means of isolating the heater with a definite ‘click’ to off. The VR-2 is IP55 rated.


Devices to Reduce Running Costs

TS-6 Push Button Timer


TS-6 Push Button Timer (pre-programmed time delay)

The TS-6 is a compact surface-mount, weatherproof device which will energise a heater or heaters for a pre-programmed period between 2 minutes and 2 hours.  Once this period has elapsed the heating will automatically be switched off until the button is pushed again.

The TS-6 can switch loads up to 3kW directly and is touch activated for easy operation.

WH-402 Movement Sensor


WH-402 Movement Sensor

The WH-402 is a compact, surface mount, weatherproof device which can detect movement up to 12m from its mounting position in a 180° arc.  Both distance and angle of detection can be reduced.  Once movement has been detected the heating will be switched on.  If no further movement is detected within a pre-programmed period (between 5 seconds and 18 minutes) the heating will be automatically switched off.

The WH-402 can switch loads up to 3kW directly and larger loads via a suitable contactor.


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a suitable heating for your application, please click here to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.


Selecting HB infrared halogen heaters

HB infrared halogen heaters provide instant direct heat to a target area.  They are generally used to provide heat to a defined target within an otherwise unheated or poorly heated area.  A single heater wall-mounted at  2m above floor level will heat an area approximately 2.4m x 2.4m  which is approximately the size of a typical workbench.

Please use the ‘controls’ tab to find out about energy saving control devices

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Instructions and specification sheets are available for BN Thermic’s entire range of products, including HB Shortwave Workshop Heater.


Product Images

Shortwave workshop heater

Shortwave workshop heater

Rear view of workshop heater

Rear view of workshop heater


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