Product List

3kW heater with bracket positioned for ceiling mounting 800 Series High Level/Overdoor Fan Heaters
CAS-30 CA Commercial Air Curtains
CH2-30 CH2 Ceramic Heaters
CRJ Self-Regulating Heat cables
CM Heated Chandeliers
DSU2 Destratification Unit DSU2 Destratification Unit
ETH 'All Black' heater range ETH ‘All Black’ Radiant Heater
ESP Radiant Cassettes
EHC - Underfloor Heating Cable EHC Underfloor Heating Cables
F Series Underfloor Heating Foil Mats
GP Gutter Protection Cable
9kW high capacity air curtain HCA High Capacity Air Curtains
HN3-30 HN3 Halogen Heaters
HWP Patio Heaters
IHC In-Screed Underfloor Heating Cables
LC110 LC110 110V Low Level Convector
MC1 Multi heater control system MC1 Halogen Heater Control system
MD-12 Mirror Demister Pad MD Mirror Demisters
M Series Underfloor Heating Mats
OUH2 Industrial Fan Heaters
OUH2-3W Special ‘No Neutral’ Industrial Fan Heater
PH Pew Heaters
PW Pipe freeze Protection Kits
RH 2kW recessed fan heater RH Recessed Fan Heaters
RP Radiant Ceiling Panel RP Radiant Ceiling Panels
SCHG Ceiling Grid Fan Heaters
SMH-30 Main view - Mounted SMH Surface-Mount Fan Heaters
S-Series Snow and Ice Melting Heating Mats S Series Snow/Ice Melting Mats
SWD - Industrial Tubular Heater SWD Industrial Tubular Heaters
System X Multi Fan Heater System
TX Explosion Proof Tubular Heater TX ATEX Tubular Heaters
WM Hot Water Maintenance Cable WM Hot Water Maintenance Cable