DSU Destratification Units

DSU Series Destratification Unit
  • The DSU Destratification Unit reduces heating bills by up to 30% in industrial buildings with ceiling heights in excess of 4m
  • Applications include warehouses, workshops and exhibition halls
  • Recycling warm air that has collected at high level, the DSU range is effective for ceiling heights from 4m to 12m
  • A built-in thermostat means the Destratification Unit operates completely automatically

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Model Area Covered Recommended for Roof Heights List Price
DSU-4  20m x 20m 4m to 7m £703.00
DSU-8  25m x 25m 7m to 12m £847.00
DSU-4 installed in a vehicle repair shop in Kent

DSU-4 installed in a vehicle repair shop in Kent

How It Works

The DSU destratification unit is not a heater.  It is a simple device specifically designed to ensure that the heat produced by fan heaters is not wasted.  Correctly selected and installed, a DSU Destratification Unit can reduce energy use and thus heating bills by 30%.

Fan heaters give rise to a very significant temperature gradient.  Typically air temperature will increase by 2.5⁰C for every metre above floor level.  This means that 5m high building when the temperature at floor level is 20⁰C, the temperature at high level will be 32.5⁰C.  This high temperature is expensive to generate and serves no useful purpose.

The DSU destratification unit will prevent this expensive waste of energy.  The unit’s built-in thermostat should be set at a temperature approximately 3⁰C higher than the required air temperature.  As soon as the thermostat set-point is reached the high powered fan will be automatically switched on.  The fan will scavenge warm air that has collected under the roof and return it to low level where it will contribute to the space heating requirement.

Technical Specification

Model: DSU-4
Recommended for Roof Heights: 4 to 7m
Control: Built-in mechanical thermostat and isolator
Voltage Supply: 230V
Air Volume Flow Rate: 4000m³/h
Power: 150W
Amps: 0.65A
Mounting: Suspension (chains and hooks supplied)
Area covered: 20m x 20m
Ingress Protection: IP20
Dimensions: 560mm x 560mm x 265mm high
Weight: 16kg
Model: DSU-8
Recommended for Roof Heights: 7 to 12m
Control: Built-in mechanical thermostat and isolator
Voltage Supply: 230V
Air Volume Flow Rate: 8000m³/h
Power: 270W
Amps: 1.7A
Mounting: Suspension (chains and hooks supplied)
Area covered: 25m x 25m
Ingress Protection: IP20
Dimensions: 720mm x 720mm x 270mm high
Weight: 23kg


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Use the following selection guide

DSU destratification units should be used when:

  1.  A building is heated by fan heaters
  2. The roof height is between 4m and 12m

In these circumstances one or more destratification unit should be suspended at high level.  The use of Equaliser Destratification Devices will reduce energy consumption by up to 30%.

There are two steps in the selection process:

Step One – select DSU model

The correct equaliser model is determined purely by the height of the roof

Roof Height    Model
4m to 7m DSU-4
7m to 12m DSU-8

Step Two – quantity and distribution

The following table shows the area covered by DSU destratification units.  The objective is to cover the entire roof area.  Often only one DSU destratification unit is required but in larger buildings a number of devices should be evenly distributed.

Model  Area Covered
DSU-4 20m x 20m
DSU-8 25m x 25m

Without DSU
Warm air accumulates at high level

With DSU
Warm air is recycled reducing
heating costs by up to 30%