GL Glass Radiators

  • GL Glass Radiator - black
  • GL Glass Radiator - red
  • GL Glass Radiator - mirror finish
  • GL Glass Radiator - white
  • Stylish glass radiators in white, black, red or mirror
  • A unique combination of beauty and economy
  • Ideal for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Safe for use in bathrooms

Range & Prices

CodeColourOutput (W)Dimensions (mm)Price
GL-03WWhite300700 x 500£
GL-03BBlack300700 x 500£
GL-03RRed300700 x 500£
GL-05WWhite500900 x 600£
GL-05BBlack500900 x 600£
GL-05RRed500900 x 600£
GL-05MMirror500900 x 600£
GL-09WWhite9001200 x 800£
GL-09BBlack9001200 x 800£
GL-09RRed9001200 x 800£
GL-09MMirror9001200 x 800£

Technical Specification

Construction: Toughened glass
Mounting: Wall mounted using brackets provided
Orientation: Vertical or horizontal
Insulation: Class II, double insulation suitable for bathroom installation
Over-temperature protection: Auto-reset cut-out
Ingress protection: IP44
Electrical connection: 1m pre-wired cable


Model Colour Output (W) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
GL-03W White 300 700 500 12 14
GL-03B Black 300 700 500 12 14
GL-03R Red 300 700 500 12 14
GL-05W White 500 900 600 12 21
GL-05B Black 500 900 600 12 21
GL-05R Red 500 900 600 12 21
GL-05M Mirror 500 900 600 8 21
GL-09W White 900 1200 800 12 38
GL-09B Black 900 1200 800 12 38
GL-09R Red 900 1200 800 12 38
GL-09M Mirror 900 1200 800 8 38


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a suitable heating for your application, please click below to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.


For maximum economy and performance your selection needs to meet two requirements:

  1. Sufficient kW output
  2. Correct radiator distribution

Estimating kW Output

In simple terms the output of the installed GL glass radiators must be greater than the heat losses from the room during periods of cold weather.  A small amount of heat is lost through the walls, ceilings and floors with more significant losses through windows and doors.

To estimate the heat loss from your building you may like to use our heat calculation tool


The estimated heat loss figure is the absolute minimum kW output that you should consider installing.  We would suggest adding approximately 50% to this figure to allow for an acceptable warm up time in cold conditions as well as making allowances for exceptional weather conditions and possible errors in the original data used in the estimate.

Once you have arrived at a minimum heater output, selection is generally a simple as selecting the minimum number of heaters to meet this requirement.

Correct Radiator Distribution

GL glass radiators heat people in two ways: by heating the air within a room and by heating people directly.  The direct heating effect means that the experienced temperature is somewhat warmer than the actual air temperature allowing the thermostat to be set a few degrees lower than with conventional heating.  To gain most benefit from the direct heating effect, the radiators should be positioned so that their radiant effect is not obstructed and, when more than one radiator is required, they should be evenly distributed.


Instructions and specification sheets are available for BN Thermic’s entire range of products, including GL Glass Radiators