HB Shortwave Workshop Heater

  • HB infrared halogen heaters provide instant comfort heat to people without the need to heat the surrounding air
  • IP44 rated, the HB-1500 is ideally suited to outdoor applications such as smoking areas
  • Commonly used to ‘spot’ heat a workbench

Range & Prices


(There is only one heater in the HB range).

Model kW Volts Price
HB-1500 1.5 230/1 £



Model Description
VR-2 Dimmer (3kW max)
TS-6 Time delay switch – pre-programmed (3kW max direct switching)
WH-402 Movement sensor (3kW max direct switching)

Technical Specification

Model: HB-1500
Output: 1500W
Supply: 230V 1ph
Lamp: Gold filtered halogen lamp (see below)
Construction: Aluminium construction with stainless steel safety guard
Electro anodised aluminium press-formed parabolic reflector
Mounting: Steel wall bracket providing ‘up and down’ adjustment (the HB-1500 is not suitable for suspension)
Electrical connections: 1m high temperature cable pre-wired to rear-mounted terminal enclosure
Dimensions: 400mm (L) x 140mm (H) x 85mm (D)
Weight: 1.5kg
Guarantee: 1 year


Lamp Specification

Model: RL15GH
Output:  1500W
Voltage: 240V
Burning position: Horizontal
Overall length:  353mm+/-2mm
Finish:  Gold Coating
Cap: Sk15 with epoxy seal
Lead length: 230mm+/-5mm
Lead type: Double insulated
Terminals: M4 fork


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Selecting HB infrared halogen heaters

HB infrared halogen heaters provide instant direct heat to a target area.  They are generally used to provide heat to a defined target within an otherwise unheated or poorly heated area.  A single heater wall-mounted at  2m above floor level will heat an area approximately 2.4m x 2.4m  which is approximately the size of a typical workbench.

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