RL Replacement Infrared Lamps

  • High quality replacement infrared heating lamps for fittings from a variety of manufacturers
  • Range includes gold and ruby lamps with SK15 and R7s caps
  • Typical lamp life 7000 hour

Please note, we have only listed current BN Thermic heaters.  However, we can usually provide replacement lamps for older models as well.  Please call us to discuss your replacement lamp requirements.

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Standard Lamps

  • All lamps 230V
  • 230mm flexible leads with fork terminals
  • Length including ceramic SK15 ceramic caps: 353mm
Lamps with flexible leads and SK15 caps
Model kW Colour List Price Each BN Thermic heater Quantity fitted to heater
RL15GF 1.5 Gold £56.00 HN2-1500G 1
HN2-3000G 2
HN2-4500G 3
RL15MF 1.5 Silver £94.00 HN2-1500M 1
HN2-3000M 2
HN2-4500M 3
RL20GF 2.0 Gold £53.00 HN2-2000G 1
HN2-6000G 3
RL20MF 2.0 Silver £94.00 HN2-2000M 1
HN2-6000M 3

Weatherproof Lamps (for use in patio heaters)

  • P55 rated
  • All lamps 230V
  • Overall lamp length: 440mm
  • Flexible tails with plain ferrules
Weatherproof (IP55) lamps
Model kW Colour List Price Each BN Thermic heater Quantity fitted to heater
RL15CW 1.5 Frosted £41.00 HWP2-B/W/S 1
RL15GW 1.5 Gold £54.00 HWP2-45B 1 (centre lamp)
RL15MW 1.5 Silver £96.00 HWP2-BM/WM/SM 1
RL15GW/3 1.5 Gold £54.00 HWP2-3B/W 2
RL15GW/4 1.5 Gold £54.00 HWP2-45B 2 (outside lamps)
RL20GW 2.0 Gold £54.00 HWP2-2B/W 1
RL20MW 2.0 Silver £96.00 HWP2-2BM/WM 1

Light Output

Lamp Colour Glow
Gold Red
Silver Magic Lamp with barely discernible glow
Frosted Gold


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a suitable heating for your application, please click below to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.

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