LH Underfloor Heating Film

LH Underfloor heating film

  • Highest quality heating films covered by a 10 year warranty
  • Specifically designed for installation under engineered wood and laminate floors
  • Wide range of lengths in two different widths to make planning and installation easy
  • Ideal for any room except bathrooms and wet rooms

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

400mm Wide Films

Model kW Length (m) Width (m) List Price
LH4-010 0.04 1.0 0.4 £25.00
LH4-015 0.06 1.5 0.4 £30.00
LH4-020 0.09 2.0 0.4 £34.00
LH4-025 0.11 2.5 0.4 £39.00
LH4-030 0.13 3.0 0.4 £41.00
LH4-035 0.15 3.5 0.4 £43.00
LH4-040 0.17 4.0 0.4 £54.00
LH4-045 0.19 4.5 0.4 £58.00
LH4-050 0.21 5.0 0.4 £63.00
LH4-060 0.26 6.0 0.4 £73.00
LH4-070 0.30 7.0 0.4 £84.00
LH4-080 0.34 8.0 0.4 £93.00
LH4-090 0.39 9.0 0.4 £100.00
LH4-100 0.43 10 0.4 £111.00


1030mm Wide Films

Model kW Length (m) Width (m) List Price
LH10-010 0.13 1.0 1.03 £42.00
LH10-015 0.19 1.5 1.03 £55.00
LH10-020 0.26 2.0 1.03 £68.00
LH10-025 0.32 2.5 1.03 £82.00
LH10-030 0.39 3.0 1.03 £95.00
LH10-035 0.45 3.5 1.03 £108.00
LH10-040 0.52 4.0 1.03 £122.00
LH10-045 0.58 4.5 1.03 £135.00
LH10-050 0.65 5.0 1.03 £148.00
LH10-060 0.78 6.0 1.03 £175.00
LH10-070 0.91 7.0 1.03 £204.00
LH10-080 1.04 8.0 1.03 £230.00
LH10-090 1.17 9.0 1.03 £257.00
LH10-100 1.30 10 1.03 £282.00

Insulation/Underlay & Vapour Barrier

Model Description Thickness (mm) Area covered (m²) List Price
I-Pack-6 Pack of 19 boards 6 9.76 £28.00
I-Board-6 Individual Board 6 0.5 £3.00
LHT High adhesion tape (one roll for every 10m² of floor area) £10.00
VB Polythene vapour barrier (one for every 10m² of floor area) £20.00

Technical Specification

Heating Film Specification

Voltage supply:230V
Outputs:from 0.04kW to 1.3kW depending on model
Film widths:400mm and 1030mm
Power leads:2 x 4m long single core power leads
Film material:Polyester
Approvals:EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671.2008)
Product thickness:1mm nominal


I-Board-6 Insulation/Underlay Specification

Material:Extruded polystyrene foam
Sheet size:856 x 600
Compressive stress (@10% foam deformation):10 t/m²
Thermal conductivity:0.024W/mk
Water absorption by volume:less than 1%


VB Vapour Barrier Specification

Sheet dimensions:3m x 4m
Approval:BS EN 13967:2012


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select an underfloor heating system for you, please click below to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.

Enquiry Form

Selecting the required mat or mats for a room is a simple three step process.

Check Floor Surface

LH layered diag 2

Components of an LH system

LH heating films are specifically designed for installation under laminate and engineered wood floors.  They should not be used with other floor surfaces.

If there is any doubt about the suitability of any given floor surface for use with underfloor heating, confirmation should be sought from the flooring supplier.

Select the correct heating films

LH installation diag

The objective is generally to cover as high a percentage of the free floor area as possible.  The free floor area is defined as the floor area not occupied by permanent fixtures such as kitchen cabinets and wardrobes.

Drawing a dimensioned sketch of the room is usually helpful.  Add the heating films to your sketch keeping electrical connections along one wall where possible.  For ease of installation, we recommend using a small number of wide films rather than a larger number of small films.  Frequently a combination of the two widths will be required for good coverage.   A 50mm gap should be maintained between the walls and the heating films.


Select insulation/underlay and vapour barrier



LH films must be installed onto a layer of I-Board-6 insulation/underlay and below a layer of VB vapour barrier.  Heating film, insulation/underlay and vapour barrier must be held in place with LHT high adhesion tape.  Both I-Board-6 and VB must cover the entire floor area not just the heated area.

I-Board-6 is lightweight and easily cut to shape.


Underfloor heating cables must be thermostatically controlled.  BN Thermic offers a wide range of thermostats from a simple manual device to the latest smart technology.

A16C Manual Thermostat