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Industrial Fan Heaters Installed at BN Thermic Ltd

Industrial Fan Heaters Installed at BN Thermic Ltd

The Project

In this case study we look at a space heating project in our newly renovated 350m2 warehouse at our HQ in Crawley, West Sussex. This warehouse is a predominantly unmanned area used for storing components, packaging and finished goods. It has all the classic characteristics of an industrial unit – poor insulation, high ceilings and a large shutter door that opens fairly frequently.

Usually, we design industrial heating systems to provide comfort heat to staff and customers. In our building, we designed a heating system that maintains an ambient temperature above 10C with the aim to keep damp out and avoid any damage to our carboard.


BN Thermic’s OUH industrial fan heaters are hand assembled in the UK and backed with a 5 year warranty


OUH industrial fan heaters keep our warehouse above 12°C at all times

The Solution

To maintain a constant temperature above 12°C, we installed 2 x 20kW 3 phase industrial fan heaters and suspended a destratification unit.

As per our drawing, the heaters were mounted on our mezzanine at one end and the destrat fan was suspended centrally. This system provides comfort heat and the destratification unit keeps running costs to a minimum.

The Heaters

Our OUH industrial fan heaters are hand assembled in the UK and backed with a 5-year warranty.  These are UK’s leading industrial fan heaters and are designed to provide years of maintenance free service.

As each unit has a built-in contactor, we were able to daisy chain both 20kW heaters through one controller making for a very easy installation.


OUH industrial fan heaters are made of a touch steel casing and are designed to opororate in industrial environments 


Destratification units will save up to 30% off a heating bill by pushing warm air downwards before it escapes 

The Destratification Unit

As our unit has a 7m high ceiling, we specified a DSU3-45 destratification unit to be mounted centrally. Destratification units are large fans which are suspended from ceilings in tall industrial buildings.

As hot air rises and accumulates at high level, a destrat fan will kick in and push that warm air downwards. This in turn limits heat loss through the roof and can save end users up to 30% off their heating bill as you are reusing energy you have already paid to create. Adding a destrat fan was crucial for our system to work efficiently and with minimal response time.


Control for this project was simple and came in the form of an OUH3-DT thermostat/switch. The thermostat inside the OUH3-DT controller makes sure the warehouse does not drop below 12°C.  

In addition to being a thermostat, the OUH3-DT has a simple on/off/fan only switch on the side making it a very versatile controller.  This means in the summer months we can run it as fan only and move the ambient air around to make it cooler for any staff working there.


Multiple OUH fan heaters can be controlled via a single OUH-DT controller


Its 360° bracket allows you to mount an OUH industrial fan heaters any way you like 

The Final Project

This system does exactly what is says on the tin and has kept our warehouse above 12°C with zero issues.

We design heating systems for any size industrial unit and can meet any requirements specific to your building. Please contact us today to discuss a project on 01293 547 361.