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BLS 110V Low Level Convector Heater

BLS 110V Low Level Convector Heater
  • A simple convector for use where only 110V supply is available
  • Tough steel construction mean the BLS is well suited to site huts and other industrial applications
  • Economy is ensured by an adjustable built-in thermostat

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.


There is only one heater in the BLS range

Model KW Width Depth Height List Price
BLS-110-1000T 1.0 1206 62 148 £155.00

Technical Specification

Model:   BLS-110-1000T
Output:   1kW
Supply:  110V 1ph
Colour:   Almond
Finish:   Epoxy polyester powder coating
Construction: 1mm steel connection box
0.8mm steel body
1mm steel front panel
Rounded upper corners
Linear high-limit temperature device with automatic reset
Electrical Connection: Terminal enclosure located on right hand side with easy access cable clamp through case and optional cable entry knockout on end panel
Heating Element: Stainless steel tubular heating element with aluminium fins
Element mounted on nylon bushings eliminating expansion noises
Installation:  Wall-mounted using two rows of mounting holes 25mm apart
Control:   Built-in mechanical thermostat with heater front temperature set-point adjustment knob
Dimensions: 1206mm (L) x 148mm (H) x 62mm (D)
Weight:  6kg
Guarantee:   1 year


The BLS 110V low level convector heater is specifically designed for a 110V 1ph supply.  Please check that this supply is available before selecting this model.

If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select suitable heating for your application, please click below to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.

Enquiry Form

In simple terms the output of the installed BLS heater or heaters must be greater than the heat losses from the building during periods of cold weather.  A small amount of heat is lost through the walls, ceilings and floors with more significant losses through windows and doors.

To estimate the heat loss from your building you may like to use our heat calculation tool

Heat Calculator

The estimated heat loss figure is the absolute minimum kW output that you should consider installing.  We would suggest adding approximately 50% to this figure to allow for an acceptable warm up time in cold conditions as well as making allowances for exceptional weather conditions and possible errors in the original data used in the estimate.

Once the target kW has been estimated, select the minimum quantity of heater required to provide that output.