HCA2 Air Curtain

HCA 13 01
  • High velocity air curtains providing an invisible barrier between indoor and outdoor environments, reducing heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer 
  • Electric heating elements help eliminate the ‘chill factor’ associated with a high velocity air stream
  • Ideally suited to stores with an open-door policy
  • System X control allows from one to twelve air curtains to be controlled from a single point

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Model Number Length (mm) kW List Price
    High Low  
HCA2-09 1113 9.0 4.5 £2058.00
HCA2-13  1621 13.5 6.75 £2290.00
HCA2-18  2121 18.0 9.0 £2741.00
HCA at range store taunton

HCA air curtains create an invisible barrier to limit heat loss in commercial and industrial premises 


You will need to select one controller to control a single air curtain or a group of air curtains.  Connections between controller and air curtain and, where necessary, between individual air curtains is by Cat5 cable.

Control Components

Type Description Model

List Price

Controller With thermostat
On/off/high/low/fan only settings
Open window detection


Controller With tamper resistant thermostat
On/off/high/low/fan only settings
Open window detection


Controller Without thermostat
On/off/high/low/fan only settings


Controller With digital programmable thermostat
Optimum start feature


Controller For use with volt-free signal from BMS (for 230V signal a VI Interface is required) CX-BMS


Sensor Optional remote sensor for use with CX1, CX2 or CX6 CXS


Cable Cat5 terminated 5m DX05


Cable Cat5 terminated 10m DX10


Cable Cat5 terminated 20m DX20


Joiner Cat5 cable joiner JX1


How it Works

HCA high capacity air curtains are mounted above doorways and are designed to provide an invisible barrier between indoor and outdoor environments.  The HCA range is well suited to stores with an open door policy.  By creating this barrier, the HCA air curtain will help reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer, without impeding foot traffic. The HCA will also minimise the ingress of pollutants and insects

In cooler conditions, the ‘chill factor’ associated with a high velocity air stream can be uncomfortable.  The HCA air curtains are therefore fitted with electric heating elements which warm the airstream thereby offsetting the ‘chill factor’ and contributing to a building’s heating requirement.

HCA airflow

An HCA Air Curtain reduces heating costs in Winter and air conditioning costs in Summer

Technical Specification

Colour White RAL9010 satin finish
Finish Epoxy polyester powder coating
Construction 1mm steel case
  Aluminium outlet grille
Heating Element Metal sheathed elements with spiral wound cooling fins
Built-in Control Components Factory installed 230V fused control circuit
  Factory installed contactors
Control One controller must be selected to control a single air curtain or a group of air curtains
Overheat Protection Two ‘high’ and two ‘high-high’ over-temperature devices fitted
Installation Wall-mounted using the mounting plate provided or suspended from drop rods (4 x M6 threaded holes provided)
Recommended Mounting Height 2.5m to 4m
Maximum operating
ambient temperature
Guarantee 1 year

Performance Data

Model Voltage kW Airflow (m³/h) dB Estimate
at 3m*
    High Low High Low  
HCA2-09 400/3N 9.0 4.5 1879 1444 66
HCA2-13 400/3N 13.5 6.75 2617 2441 71
HCA2-18 400/3N 18.0 9.0 4100 3834 68

* Noise levels are factory tested, not laboratory tested.

HCA LondonOffice01

A pair of air curtains looking the part in a prestige London office building

Physical Data

Model Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
  Length Depth Height  
HCA2-09 1113 265 254 19.6
HCA2-13 1621 265 254 25.4
HCA2-18 2121 265 254 31.0
HCA LondonOffice02

Air curtain looking the part in a prestige London office building

Technical Specifications – Controls


Maximum number of heaters controlled: 12
Type of heaters controlled: any heaters from the System X range in any sequence
Electrical Supply: taken from heater via Cat5 cable
Heater settings: on/off/high heat/low heat/fan only
Built-in adjustable thermostat range: 0 to 30˚C
Connection to first heater in group: Cat5 cable
Mounting: surface mount
Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 40mm

Special Feature: Open window detection (user selectable)

CX1 01

Model: CX2

As CX1 but with a tamper resistant built-in thermostat

CX2 01

Model: CX3

As CX1 but without built-in thermostat or open window detection

CX2 01

Model: CX6

As CX1 but with:

7-day programmable timer
Temporary override
Temporary lock
Optimum start for enhanced economy (user selectable)

Without open window detection

CX6 Cover 01

Model: CX-BMS

As CX1 but without manual or thermostat control
Requires a volt-free signal from a BMS to switch heater on and off

Can operate with a 230V signal vis a VI Interface


Model: CXS

Remote mounted sensor for use with CX1, CX2 or CX6 controller
Overrides the controller’s built-in air sensor
Recommended maximum cable length between controller and sensor: 20m
Mounting: surface mount
Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 35mm

CXS Optional remote temperature sensor

Pre-terminated Cat5 Cables

DX05: 5m
DX10: 10m
DX20: 20m
JX1: Cat5 Joiner / Coupler – Click fit (Joins two Cat5 cables together should you require longer lengths)


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a suitable air curtain for your application, please click here to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.

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Air curtain

HCA air curtains can be easily wall mounted or suspended from drop rods 

An HCA air curtain is designed for installation above doorways in commercial and industrial premises providing an invisible but effective barrier between internal and external environments.  When the correct air curtain is selected benefits will include the reduction of heating costs (winter), reduction in air conditioning costs (summer) as well as minimising the ingress of insects.

HCA air curtains are effective at mounting heights between 2.5m and 4m.  Ideally the selected air curtain should be longer than the width of the door.  Use the following table as a guide.

Model Number

Maximum Door Width







Important Note: For an HCA air curtain to provide an effective air barrier, a high air velocity is required. The resulting noise output must be considered. For this reason, we do not recommend HCA air curtains for smaller shops or where people are working in close proximity to the entrance.