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S-Series Snow and Ice Melting Heating Mats

CRJ Pipe Freeze Protection Cable
  • Prevents accumulation of snow and ice in outdoor locations
  • Ideally suited to driveways and access ramps
  • Equally well suited to domestic and commercial applications

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.


Model Heated Area (m²) Mat Size (m) kW List Price
S400-009 0.9 1.1 x 0.75 0.34 £140.00
S400-014 1.4 1.9 x 0.75 0.57 £152.00
S400-022 2.2 2.9 x 0.75 0.88 £184.00
S400-026 2.6 3.4 x 0.75 1.03 £210.00
S400-033 3.3 4.4 x 0.75 1.32 £251.00
S400-043 4.3 5.7 x 0.75 1.7 £290.00
S400-047 4.7 6.3 x 0.75 1.88 £304.00
S400-061 6.1 8.2 x 0.75 2.45 £402.00
S400-073 7.3 9.7 x 0.75 2.9 £437.00
S400-085 8.5 11.3 x 0.75 3.4 £558.00
S400-130 13 17.3 x 0.75 5.2 £843.00

S-Series ice melting mat providing safe access to an office building


Model Description
FST2-EX Frost thermostat 20A for outdoor use FST2-EX IP66 Frost Thermostat 20A

Basic control can be achieved using the FST2-EX Frost thermostat. However, for larger installations, we recommend a thermostat that monitors both temperature and moisture.

Technical Specification

Voltage 230V
Power density 400W/m²
Core Two core stranded resistance wires
Primary insulation 0.3mm fluoropolymer (FEP)
Secondary insulation 0.8mm cross-linked polythene (XLPE)
Earth screen 7 x 0.3mm tinned copper wires and AIPET foil
Over jacket 0.8mm PVC (105°C)
Power lead 5m long two core
Ingress protection IP67


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a snow and ice prevention system for you, please send an email to  with details of your application and we will respond with a detailed proposal.

Selecting the correct S-Series snow and ice melting mats is very simple.  Measure the area to be protected in m² and select the appropriate mat or mats required to heat that area.  Remember that the mat can be cut at any point to suit the shape of the area to be heated but the cable itself must never be cut.

When protecting a driveway, it is common practice to heat two ‘tyre tracks’ rather than the entire area.

ERC snow and ice melting mats can be installed in concrete or in fine washed sand under pavers.  When installing in concrete, care must be taken not to cross expansion joints.