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WM – Hot Water Maintenance Cable

  • Maintains required temperature in hot water pipes
  • Ensures that hot water is instantly available
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial buildings

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

  Model Description Price
WM-09 Hot Water Maintenance Cable  (supplied by the metre) £16.00
CRJ-T1 Termination kit (one required per circuit) £18.00
THK Termination kit (one per circuit) uses silicone £39.00
CRJ-S Splice kit (one required per splice or T joint) £19.00
PF-L Caution label (10 pack) £7/50
PF-T Fixing tape 33m x 19mm £3.00
AL-50 Aluminium tape 45m x 50mm (for use with plastic pipes) £13.00
THJ Junction box IP66 6-way terminal black 40A £41.00

Technical Specification

Voltage: 230V
Nominal output at 55°C: 9W/m
Minimum installation temperature: -40°C
Maximum exposure temperature (power on): 100°C
Maximum exposure temperature (power off): 100°C
Minimum bending radius: 30mm
Maximum circuit length: 128m

WM cable maintaining water at a desired temperature


WM hot water maintenance cable is self-regulating.  This means that the cables output reduces as the pipe temperature increases and that the cable cannot overheat or burn out.

The cable should be fixed to a water pipe in a straight line and must be covered with insulation.  WM can be used with plastic or stainless-steel pipes but these pipes must be wrapped in aluminium tape before the cable is installed.

Insulation Thickness (mm) – Cable should be installed in a straight line under installation

Maintain Temperature 15mm pipe 22mm pipe 28mm pipe 35mm pipe 42mm pipe 54mm pipe
60°C 25 30 40 50 60 75
55°C 20 25 30 40 50 60
50°C 15 20 25 30 40 50

Maximum circuit length and breaker size

Max. Circuit (m) Breaker (A)
128 20

Selection of Ancillary items

Termination kit

One CRJ-T1 termination kit will be required per circuit.  The kit includes the necessary crimps and shrink-on material to prepare one end of the cable for electrical connection and to effectively seal the far end.  The kit also includes a nylon gland suitable for making a moisture tight seal into a suitable terminal enclosure.

Splice kit

One CRJ-S1 slice kit will be required for each splice or T joint.  .  The kit includes the necessary crimps and shrink-on material to join two lengths of cable and to effectively seal the far end.

Fixing Tape

PF-T fixing tape is supplied in 33m rolls and is ideal for fixing heating cable to the pipe.  We recommend securing the cable at 200mm intervals.

Aluminium Tape

When heating a plastic pipe, the pipe should be wrapped in aluminium tape before the heating cable is installed.  AL-50 is supplied in 45m x 50mm rolls.

Warning Labels

PF-L warning labels are supplied as a pack of 10 and should be fixed to the outside of the insulation at regular intervals.