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CH2 Ceramic Heaters

  • CH ceramic heaters provide virtually instant comfort heat to people without the need to heat the surrounding air
  • Common applications include community halls, workshops, zoos and kennels
  • Ceramic heaters can be used as a total heating solution or as a means of spot heating a specific target area

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Single Ceramic Heaters

Model kW Finish List Price
CH2-15 1.5 Ivory £235.00
CH2-15B 1.5 Black £235.00

Red indicates available from stock. Typical delivery for other models: 5 working days

CH2-15 ceramic heater  1.5kW 

CH2-15B ceramic heater 1.5kW 

Two Ceramic Heaters

Model kW Orientation Finish List Price
CH2-30 1.5 Vertical Ivory £382.00
CH2-30B 1.5 Vertical Black £382.00
CH2-30L 1.5 Linear Ivory £382.00
CH2-30LB 1.5 Linear Black £382.00

Red indicates available from stock. Typical delivery for other models: 5 working days

CH2-30 ceramic heater  3kW 

CH2-30L ceramic heater  3kW 

CH2-30B ceramic heater 3kW 

CH2-30LB ceramic heater 3kW 

Ceramic heaters provide almost instant heat making them ideal for sporadically used premises 


Model Description List Price
TS-6 Time delay switch – pre-programmed (3kW max direct switching) £125.00
TS-7 High capacity soft start timer (6kW max direct switching) £178.00
VR-2 Dimmer (3kW max) £143.00
WH-402 Movement sensor (3kW max direct switching) £109.00

Technical Specification

Finish: Choice of ivory or black epoxy polyester powder coating
Heat Emitter: Ceramic Plaque
Construction: Aluminium case
Electro anodised aluminium press-formed parabolic reflector
Plated steel safety guard
Mounting: Steel wall bracket providing ‘up and down’ adjustment with extension piece providing ‘up and down’ and ‘side to side’ adjustment
Electrical connections:  1m long high temperature cable fitted to all heaters
Guarantee: 1 year

Ceramic heaters are ideally suited to animal enclosures as they do not omit light or sound which could disturb animals 

A ceramic heater providing localised warmth in a seaside cafe

Product Data




Weight (kg)










3kW (Vertical)






3kW (Linear)







Selecting CH ceramic heaters

CH ceramic heaters provide virtually instant direct heat to a target area.  The target area can be an entire building or a smaller area within an otherwise unheated building.

We do not recommend using ceramic heaters as a total heating solution where the ceiling height exceeds 4m

As a guide to selection please follow the following example:

Use ceramic heaters to heat a well- insulated community hall
10m long by 5m wide x 3.5m high.

Step One: Determine the total kW required

This is achieved by multiplying the square meters of floor area by the relevant Watts per square meter figure (see table one)

Floor area = 10m x 5m = 50 square meters

Select a figure of 200W per square meter from table 1 and multiply by the floor area

50 square meters x 200W per square meters = 10,000W (10kW) minimum kW output required

Table 1

 W/m² required
Highly insulated150200275
Badly insulated/damp300300360

A ceramic heater keeping a flower seller warm at a London train station

Step Two: Select heater outputs and mounting heights

Where possible use a smaller number of 3kW heaters rather than a greater number of 1.5kW heaters. In this example the ceiling height is 3.5m allowing us to select 3kW heaters mounted at the recommended height of 3m whilst observing the required clearance above the heater.  The minimum number of heaters required is 4 (4 x 3kW = 12kW).

We would therefore select 4 x 3kW ceramic heaters which should be wall mounted at 3m above floor level and evenly distributed.

Table 2

kW Wall Mounting Height (m) Minimum clearances (m)
  Minimum Recommended Maximum Above Heater In Front of Heater
1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 0.45 1.0
3.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 0.45 1.5


Instructions and specification sheets are available for BN Thermic’s entire range of products, including CH Ceramic Heaters.