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IHC In-Screed Heating Cable

  • Robust heating cables suitable for installation in a concrete screed
  • Higher watts per metre rating meaning shorter cables and reduced installation time
  • Secure fixing using metal fixing strip

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.


Model kW Cable length (m) Area Covered (m²)
@ 100W/m²
Area Covered (m²)
@ 150W/m²
Area Covered (m²)
@ 175W/m2
List Price
IHC-016 0.16 8.3 1.6 1.1 0.9 £56.00
IHC-027 0.27 14.0 2.7 1.8 1.5 £71.00
IHC-034 0.34 17.2 3.4 2.3 1.9 £80.00
IHC-045 0.45 22.5 4.5 3.0 2.6 £95.00
IHC-054 0.54 27.4 5.4 3.6 3.1 £104.00
IHC-064 0.64 32.1 6.4 4.3 3.7 £121.00
IHC-072 0.72 35.8 7.2 4.8 4.1 £133.00
IHC-087 0.87 43.8 8.7 5.8 5.0 £153.00
IHC-107 1.07 53.5 10.7 7.1 6.1 £164.00
IHC-129 1.29 64.4 12.9 8.6 7.4 £185.00
IHC-158 1.58 79.0 15.8 10.5 9.0 £211.00
IHC-185 1.85 92.4 18.5 12.3 10.6 £263.00
IHC-230 2.30 117.3 23.0 15.3 13.1 £336.00
IHC-275 2.75 141.4 27.5 18.3 15.7 £425.00


Model Description List Price
IHC-F Metal fixing strip (10m) – typically one strip is required for every 8m² of heated area £31.00

Technical Specification

Voltage supply 230V
Outputs From 0.16kW to 2.75kW depending on model
Watts per metre 20
Fixing IHC-F metal fixing strip recommended
Power lead 3m long two core and earth
Cable approvals EN60335-2-96 as required by the 17th Edition Wiring Regulations (BS7671.2008)
Cable diameter 5mm
Earth Screen 7 tinned copper wires  (0.3mm diameter) and AL/PET foil


Most commonly IHC cables are fixed onto a layer of insulation (minimum thickness 80mm) using IHC-F metal fixing strip.  We recommended a maximum of 1m between fixing strips.   The cable should be arranged in evenly spaced loops loops.  The cable is then covered in 80mm to 100mm of concrete screed.  Once the screed is completely dry the final floor surface can be applied.  Please ask your flooring supplier to confirm compatibility with underfloor heating.

The objective is generally to cover as high a percentage of the free floor area as possible.  The free floor area is defined as the floor area not occupied by permanent fixtures such as kitchen cabinets and shower trays.

Typically we suggest a watt density between 150W/m² and 175W/m².  Lower densities are sometimes used in very well insulated properties.

For large rooms it is common practice to use more than one heating cable.  In these circumstances the cables should be connected in parallel and controlled by a single thermostat.  Where the combined load of the cables exceeds the switching capacity of the thermostat, a suitably rated contactor should be incorporated into the control circuit.


Underfloor heating cables must be thermostatically controlled.  BN Thermic offers a wide range of programmable thermostats.

B16C Programmable Thermostat