Overdoor Heating

The vocabulary used to describe heaters designed to be installed over doors can be very confusing.  The terms air curtain, screen heater, overdoor heater etc. are bandied about and seem to mean completely different things to different people.

Our main purpose here is to differentiate between two products both which have a useful but distinctly different purpose.

Overdoor Heaters

Overdoor heaters are widely used in shops and can be wall-mounted, suspended or recessed into the ceiling above standard height doors.  They provide a warm welcome to customers and a localised boost to the air temperature, offsetting the heat loss associated with frequently opening doors.  BN Thermic’s 800 Series is ideal for this application.  The 800 Series extends from a 3kW model best suited to a single door to 6kW and 9kW models for wider entrances.  All 800 series heaters come with a bracket for wall-mounting and also have threaded holes for drop rod suspension where this installation method is preferred.  A remote mounted control box provides on/off/high heat/low heat/fan only settings.

800 Series Overdoor Fan Assisted Heater

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Recessed Heaters

Where there is insufficient height above the door to allow a conventional overdoor heater to be installed, recessed overdoor heaters can be used.  BN Thermic’s RH recessed heaters have been designed for quick and easy installation.  Simply cut an aperture in a conventional ceiling and insert the required heater with all fixings inserted through the heater face.  As with the 800 Series, a remote mounted control box can be used.

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System X

For larger premises, more than one overdoor heater may be required.   In these circumstances it is often desirable to control a number of heaters from a single point.  BN Thermic’s System X range offers an easy means of achieving this goal as any number of overdoor heaters can be linked to a single controller using Cat5 cables.

SystemX diagram

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Air Curtains

Air curtains are mounted above doorways and produce a high velocity air stream creating an invisible barrier between indoor and outdoor environments.  Often used in stores with an open door policy, an air curtain will help reduce heating costs in winter and air conditioning costs in summer, without impeding foot traffic. An air curtain will also minimise the ingress of pollutants and insects

In cooler conditions, the ‘chill factor’ associated with a high velocity air stream can be uncomfortable and therefore  air curtains are usually fitted with electric heating elements which warm the airstream thereby offsetting the ‘chill factor’ and contributing to a building’s heating requirement.

Please be aware that a high velocity air stream is inevitably accompanied by a noticeable noise output.  This fact must be taken into account, especially if people are working in close proximity to an entrance.

BN Thermic’s  HCA air curtains come in three sizes and are suitable for installation at heights up to 4m.  Every HCA air curtain is supplied with a control box allowing the user to select the ideal combination of air velocity and heat output to suit the application and conditions. 

18kW high capacity air curtain

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