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PH Pew Heaters

PH Pew Heater
  • Pew heaters provide the most economic means of heating in a church
  • Pew heaters heat people directly rather than heating the surrounding air
  • Pew heaters are silent and draught-free with virtually no warm up period required
  • The under-pew location and dark brown finish makes pew heaters visually unobtrusive
  • All-steel construction ensures many years of trouble free service
  • External guards not required

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.


Model KW Width (mm) List Price
PH30 0.3 525 £180.00
PH45 0.45 691 £204.00
PH65  0.65 948 £223.00
PH Pew Heater installed under a church pew

Pew heaters are the most unobtrusive means of heating a church

Optional Mounting Brackets

Model Description List Price
PHF Floor Bracket (pair) £34.00
PHB Suspension Bracket (pair) £40.00
PHF optional floor brackets

PHF optional floor brackets

PHB optional suspension brackets

PHB optional suspension brackets

Technical Specification

Colour: Brown RAL8019
Construction:   1mm steel
Electrical Connction: 20mm cable entry knockouts at either end
Terminal block on left hand side
Heating Element: Stainless steel tubular heating element with aluminium fins
Element mounted on nylon bushings eliminating expansion noises
Installation:  Mounted onto back board of pew (under seat)
Two rows of mounting holes 25mm apart
Or floor mounted using PHF floor-mounting brackets
Or suspended from the underside of the seat using PHB suspension brackets
Guarantee:  1 year
Pew heater fitted directly to pew backboards

Switching each pew individually keeps running costs to an absolute minimum. Only occupied pews are heated

Pew heater fitted directly to pew backboards

Pew heaters have a robust steel casing meaning they can withstand accidentally knocks 

Weights and Dimensions

Model Width (mm) Depth (mm) Height (mm) Weight (kg)
PH30  525 58 168 2.4
PH45  702 58 168 3.1
PH65  948 58 168 4.1
PHF (pair) Floor brackets – assembled height: 204mm 0.5
PHB (pair) Suspension brackets – assembled height: 290mm 0.8
Pew heater installed using floor brackets – suspension brackets are also available

BN Thermic engineers can assist you selecting the right pew heaters for your church 


Pew heaters are designed to provide direct heating to pew occupants.  The greater the percentage of the pew length that is heated, the more effective the system will be.

Pew heaters are generally mounted to the pew’s back board immediately below the seat.  Where a backboard is not available, the heaters can be floor mounted using PHF floor brackets or fixed to the underside of the pew seat using PHB suspension brackets.

Use the following table to select the best combination of PH pew heaters for a pew.  This will ensure maximum coverage of the space between seat supports. Or click here for our quick 3 step guide to measuring pews.

Model Space between Seat Supports
PH30  600mm to 750mm
PH45  751mm to 1000mm
PH65  1000mm to 1500mm

Where the space between seat supports exceeds 1500mm, a multiple of heaters should be used.

PH space diagram