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Industrial & Commercial Heating in the UK


BN Thermic – Our Objectives

BN Thermic was established in 2005 with the aim of providing a comprehensive range of the highest quality industrial and commercial electric heaters.  Over the years, we have developed and refined our range of heaters and associated controls enabling us to provide a heating solution for the majority of industrial and commercial heating applications.

Recent Product Developments

A very successful, recent development has been the introduction of our SystemX range of commercial fan heaters which are particularly well-suited to heating shops.  SystemX technology allows a group of fan heaters to be controlled from a single programmable thermostat with all control connections made using data cable thus providing the fastest possible and error-free installation.

Another product that has undergone a recent transformation is our range of industrial fan heatersThese heaters are typically used for warehouse heating and have been developed to meet the increasing demand for economy when heating large spaces.  Central programmable control is available, with additional zone control allowing the system to react to temperature differences that arise within a large building.  Economy is further enhanced by installing destratification units which recycle warm air that has collected at high level.  

Heating Applications

As well as developing products for common heating applications such as shops and warehouses, we have invested time and energy in designing products and systems specifically for more niche environments.  An example is our recently improved range of pew heaters which we generally find the best solution for church heating.  We also offer a heater/control package specifically for squash court heating and similar packages for distribution centres, sports halls etc.

Heating Technologies

We are only able to accommodate this wide range of heating applications because we are not dedicated to a single heating technology.  It is our belief that natural convention heaters, fan heaters and radiant heaters (both longwave and shortwave) all have a role to play.  For example shortwave radiant patio heaters may be the only means of heating a pub garden, but the less intense output from longwave radiant cassettes is often preferable when heating a village hall.  Similarly ceiling mounted fan heaters are ideal for installing into a suspended ceiling grid in a retail environment but probably not when heating a care home where the silent radiant ceiling panel would be a more suitable choice.

How Can We Help?

We hope we have given an indication of our commitment to providing heating systems tailor-made for a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.   Our friendly and experienced heating engineers are always on hand to help you select the most suitable heaters and controls for your project.  So, please do not hesitate to call us for assistance or, if you prefer, complete our on-line enquiry form.