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How to Buy From Us

How to buy 

We advertise guide prices on our website and our catalogue which can be used for budgeting purposes. To obtain a final price for your goods, you will need to speak to an electrical wholesaler. (See ‘what is an electrical wholesaler’ in the FAQs below for more info)

For installers – We have accounts with 90% of the electrical wholesalers in the country so it’s very easy to purchase BN Thermic goods.

For homeowners/business owners – There’s two ways you can obtain a final price. Firstly, by sending the heaters/part codes you are after to a wholesaler directly. Or secondly, send the heaters/part codes to your installer and they will get a price from their wholesaler.

A quick 3 step guide to our sales process

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you through the sales process, we have listed some frequently asked questions below. Please do not hesitate to connect us should you have any further questions.

What is an electrical wholesaler?
Electrical wholesalers are distributers of electrical goods that are dotted around the UK on high streets and industrial estates. Each wholesaler has a trade counter which you can pop into and speak with an expert.

Can we not buy direct from BN Thermic?
We sell exclusively through electrical wholesalers and do not sell direct. Think of it like buying baked beans. You buy baked beans from the supermarket, not direct with the manufacturer.

When will I receive my goods?
Very simple – we ship goods next day. Any order placed with a wholesaler by 3pm will be delivered the next working day. We operate out of a 175,000ft3 premises and have excellent stock levels.  (We deliver next day to UK mainland addresses – export lead times are dealt with on an ad hoc basis)

Can BN Thermic help me find a wholesaler?

We certainly can. If you send us your post code we will locate, contact and prep your nearest wholesaler with all the details of your project. Our aim is to make the process as easy as possible. You can reach us via phone, email and WhatsApp – details below.