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Destratification Units

Destratification units are an excellent means of reducing energy consumption when space heating tall industrial buildings. Hot air created by a space heating system will naturally rise and eventually escape through the fabric of the building. Uninsulated industrial buildings tend to have very high heat loss meaning you will not feel the full benefit of the warm air you have paid for.  

To limit heat loss in buildings with a 4-15m ceiling, we always recommend suspending a destratification unit to work in unison with your heating system. Destratification units are large thermostatically controlled fans which push down warm air that has accumulated at high level before it escapes. This in turn can save up to 30% off a heating bill which makes a destratification unit pays for itself very quickly! 

Temperature Rise

On average, the temperature inside an industrial building rises 2.5C°Cer meter of elevation. This means a warehouse with a 10 meter ceiling will be around 25°C warmer at high level than it is at ground level. This creates a number of problems including:

  • Incredibly warm and uncomfortable mezzanines
  • Potential problems with stock housed on racking at high level
  • Wasted energy
  • Increased carbon footprint

By installing a destratification unit, you are able to recycle the warmer air from high level and regulate the temperature gradient within your building.

destratification unit

Destratification Unit Range

BN Thermic offers a 3 model range of destratification units which all come with built in thermostat and suspension chains as standard. As the range goes up in size, so does the size of the fan meaning each unit will cover a larger space from a higher mounting point.

Model: DSU3-40
Covers 18x18m and is mounted between 4-7m

Model: DSU3-45
Covers 20x20m and is mounted between 7-10m

Model: DSU3-50
Covers 25x25m and is mounted between 10-15m

Selecting The Right Destratification Unit

Need assistance selecting the right destratification unit for your premises? Contact the customer service team at BN Thermic for assistance on 01293 547 361. 

Need more info? Click this case study to see a recent install where a destratification unit reduced the running costs of 2 x 20kW industrial fan heaters.