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PC Longwave Radiant Heater Control Box

PC control box provides central control for a group of radiant heaters
  • Central control for a group of Longwave Radiant Cassettes or Radiant Ceiling Panels
  • 7-day programmable thermostatic control
  • Control connections by Cat5 cable for quick error-free installation
  • Controller power provided through Cat5 cable from the control box

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Model Description List Price
PC1 Control Panel for 230V 1ph System £760.00
PC2 Control Panel for 230V 1ph System £762.00
PC3 Control Panel for 400V 3ph System £768.00
PC4 Control Panel for 400V 3ph System £760.00
PC5 Control Panel for 400V 3ph System £768.00
PC-C1 Programmable Controller £248.00

Ancillary System Components

Model Description List Price
CXS Optional remote-mounted air temperature sensor £42.00
BBS Optional remote-mounted black bulb temperature sensor £73.00
DX05 Cat5 cable terminated 5m £10.00
DX10 Cat5 cable terminated 10m £15.00
DX20 Cat5 cable terminated 20m £23.00
JX1 Cat5 cable joiner £5.50

Control Box Selection

Control Box Voltage Max Quantity of Heaters Heater Model kW per Heater
PC1 230V 1ph 6 ESP2-12 1.2kW
230V 1ph 6 ESP2-09 0.9kW
PC2 230V 1ph 12 RP3-06 0.6kW
230V 1ph 24 RP3-03 0.3kW
PC3 400V 3ph & N 36 RP3-06 0.6kW
400V 3ph & N 36 RP3-03 0.3kW
400V 3ph & N 12 ESP2-18 1.8kW
400V 3ph & N 12 ESP2-12 1.2kW
400V 3ph & N 12 ESP2-09 0.9kW
PC4 400V 3ph & N 6 ESP2-24 2.4kW
400V 3ph & N 6 ESP2-30 3.0kW
PC5 400V 3ph & N 6 ESP2-36 3.6kW

For 3ph systems, we recommend installing heaters in multiples of three for a balanced load.

Typical Control System

Controlling HN3-30 (3kW) heaters each with 2 lamps

Technical Specification

Models   PC/1/2/3/4/5
Description Control box for longwave radiant cassettes or radiant ceiling panels
Heaters controlled

ESP2 radiant cassettes or RP3 radiant ceiling panels

Controller Required PC-C1
Supply 230V 1ph or 400V 3ph and neutral depending on model
Dimensions 280mm (W) x 320mm (H) x 80mm (D)
Weight 3.6kg

Up to 36 heaters controlled from a single box (see control box selection table)

Up to 10 control boxes can be connected using Cat5 data cable

Can receive a 230V signal directly from a BMS (in this case the PC-C1 controller is not required)

Model   PC-C1
Description Programmable thermostatic controller for use with a PC control box or boxes
Adjustable range 5°C to 30°C
Programmable periods 5+2 or 7 days/6 events per day
Sensor Built-in (optional remote sensors available)
Voltage supply Separate voltage supply not required
Supply taken from control box
Dimensions 120mm x 80mm x 40mm
Weight 0.1kg
Special features Connected to PC control box using data cable
Range of optional remote sensors available (contact BN Thermic)
Optimum start (optional)
Adaptive stop (optional)
Button lock (optional)