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OUH3-DT Digital Thermostat + Fan Only/Heat/Off Switch

RT26 Wall-Mounted Thermostat 26A
  • 7-day programmable thermostat
  • Designed for use with OUH3 Heaters
  • Incorporates control switch for Fan Only / Heat / Off
  • Robust ABS plastic case
  • Can be used with a remote-mounted temperature sensor

Range & Price

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Model Description

List Price

OUH3-DT OUH3-DT Digital Thermostat (For use with OUH3 Heaters only)


CXS Optional remote temperature sensor CXS Remote-mounted air sensor (optional)


CXS Optional remote temperature sensor CXSIP Remote-mounted air sensor IP65 (optional)


BBS Black Box Sensor BBS Remote-mounted black bulb sensor (optional)


Hard Case HC-S2 optional remote sensor BBSIP Remote-mounted black bulb IP65 sensor (optional)


Technical Specification

Adjustable Range 5﮿C to +30﮿C
Mounting Surface mount
Programmable Periods 5+2, 6+1 or 7 separate days / 4 events per day
Sensors Integral air sensor
Switch Function

Fan Only / Heat / Off

Heat  –  Only heats if Thermostat allows it.

Off  –  Heater off for everything except an attached Frost Thermostat

Fan Only  –  For use in the summer to move air around

Voltage Supply From the OUH3 heater (No additional supply required)
Dimensions 125mm (H) x 132mm (W) x 90mm (D)
Case ABS Plastic
Ingress protection IP20
Special features Open window detection
Can be used with remote, wall-mounted air sensor or black bulb sensor
Supplied with 2 x M20 cable glands