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PROSTAT-7 Programmable Room Thermostat

PROSTAT-7 Programmable room thermostat
  • Wall-mounted thermostat with 7-day programmable function
  • Ensure maximum economy by controlling both temperature and hours of operation
  • Up to six programmable events per day with overrides

Range & Price

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Model Description List Price
PROSTAT-7 Programmable Room Thermostat £93.00

Technical Specification

Adjustable Range +5°C to +30°C
Mounting Surface
Switching capacity 6A 230V
Voltage supply 3 x AA batteries (supplied)
Contacts Single pole, change over
Dimensions 142mm x 71mm x 30mm
Ingress protection IP30
Special features Battery life in excess of 2 years
Up to 6 programmable events per day
Temporary temperature override until next pre-set period
Temperature lock – permanent temperature override until reset