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HN3 Series Infrared Halogen Heater

HN3-30 Shortwave Infrared Heater
  • HN infrared halogen heaters provide instant comfort heat to people without the need to heat the surrounding air
  • Common applications include community halls and churches as well as heating individual work stations and packing areas in workshops and warehouses.
  • Infrared halogen heaters provide the most economic means of heating intermittently used buildings
  • Control multiple heaters using HC Control Box

All HN Heaters are available in

magic lamp logo


Our halogen heaters are now available in Magic Lamp format. All the performance of a conventional shortwave halogen heater but producing the gentlest pink glow and zero glare.
Magic Lamp heaters should not be confused with mediumwave ‘low glow’ heaters. Magic Lamp heaters emit shortwave energy that can travel several metres without losing intensity or being affected by draughts and breezes.

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Single Lamp Heaters

Model kW Case Colour Lamp Glow

List Price Each

HN3-15 1.5 Ivory Red


HN3-15B 1.5 Black Red


HN3-15M 1.5 Ivory Magic


HN3-15BM 1.5 Black Magic


HN3-20 2.0 Ivory Red


HN3-20B 2.0 Black Red


HN3-20M 2.0 Ivory Magic


HN3-20BM 2.0 Black Magic


HN3-15 or HN3-20 Single Lamp Heater

HN3-15 or HN3-20 Single Lamp Heater

HN3-15B or HN3-20B Black Single Lamp Heater

HN3-15B or HN3-20B Black Single Lamp Heater

Two Lamp Heaters

Model kW Orientation Case Colour Lamp Glow

List Price

HN3-30 3.0 Vertical Ivory Red


HN3-30B 3.0 Vertical Black Red


HN3-30M 3.0 Vertical Ivory Magic


HN3-30BM 3.0 Vertical Black Magic


HN3-30L 3.0 Linear Ivory Red


HN3-30LB 3.0 Linear Black Red


HN3-30LM 3.0 Linear Ivory Magic


HN3-30LBM 3.0 Linear Black Magic


HN3-30 Two Lamp Heater

Two Lamp Heater

HN3-30L Linear Two Lamp Heater

Linear Two Lamp Heater

HN3-30B Two Lamp Heater

Black Two Lamp Heater

HN3-30LB Linear Black Two Lamp Heater

Linear Black
Two Lamp Heater

Three Lamp Heaters

Model kW Case Colour Lamp Glow

List Price Each

HN3-45 4.5 Ivory Red


HN3-45B 4.5 Black Red


HN3-45M 4.5 Ivory Magic


HN3-45BM 4.5 Black Magic


HN3-60 6.0 Ivory Red


HN3-60B 6.0 Black Red


HN3-60M 6.0 Ivory Magic


HN3-60BM 6.0 Black Magic


HN3-45 or HN3-60 Three Lamp Heater

HN3-45 or HN3-60 Three Lamp Heater

HN3-45B or HN3-60B Black Three Lamp Heater

HN3-15B or HN3-20B Black Single Lamp Heater

4.5kW halogen heater providing instant controllable heat in a car valeting tent

HN3 quartz halogen heaters are often used to spot heat areas in large unheated premises


Model Description List Price
CS-2 Control switch for 2 lamp heaters (not suitable for linear models) £74.00
CS-3 Control switch for 3 lamp heaters £99.00
CS-6 Six gang switch for multi-heater control £154.00
VR-2 Dimmer (3kW max) £175.00
TS-7 Soft start run-down timer (6kW direct switching) not suitable for use with contactor £198.00
TS-8 Run-down timer (No direct switching of heaters) suitable for use with contactor £200.00
WH-402 Movement sensor (3kW max direct switching) £127.00
SSR Soft start relay (6kW max) £204.00
HSK Optional Suspension Kit (4 hooks) £9.00

For multi-heater control see HC control box

Technical Specification

Finish: Epoxy polyester powder coating (choice of ivory or black)
Lamp: Gold filtered halogen lamp
Also available in Magic Lamp format
All lamps replaceable
7000 hours average life
Instantly effective
95% of output is useful infrared energy
Construction: Aluminium case
Perforated stainless steel back guard
Electro anodised aluminium press-formed Parabolic reflector
Stainless steel safety guard
Mounting: Steel wall bracket providing ‘up and down’ and ‘side to side’ adjustment
4 x M6 holes for suspension (suspension kit available)
Electrical connections: 1m high temperature cable fitted to all heaters
4.5kW and 6kW models can be converted from 230/1 to 400/3N on site
Guarantee:  1 year
HN2-3000G shortwave heaters providing instant economical heating in St Stephen's Church, Barnet

HN3 quartz heaters are commonly used in churches as they are far more cost effective than conventional heating systems 

Four 6kW halogen heaters installed at a dance school

HN3 quartz heaters providing comfort heat to areas in an unheated children’s play centre

HN halogen heater heating the chancel in a Somerset Church

Magic lamps are ideal for any premises where the glow of a standard lamp cannot be tolerated   

Product Data




Weight (kg)




1.5kW/2kW 230 218 375 100 2.6
3kW (Vertical) 230 376 375 100 4.6
3kW (Linear) 230 218 788 100 4.6
4.5kW/6kW 230/400 536 375 100 6.3

Click here for details of replacement lamps


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a suitable heating for your application, please click below to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.

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Selecting HN3 infrared halogen heaters

HN3 infrared halogen heaters provide instant direct heat to a target area.  The target area can be an entire building or a smaller area within an otherwise unheated building.

As a guide to selection please follow the following example.


Use infrared halogen heaters to heat a well- insulated community hall 15m long by 6m wide with a mounting height of 3m above floor level.

Step One: Determine the total kW required

This is achieved by multiplying the square meters of floor area by the relevant Watts per square meter figure (see Table 1)

Floor area = 15m x 6m = 90 square meters

Select a figure of 200W per square meter from Table 1 and multiply by the floor area

90 square meters x 200W per square meters = 18,000W (18kW) minimum kW output required

Table 1
W/m² required
Highly insulated 150 200 250
Insulated 175 225 250
Un-insulated 200 250 275
Light cladding 250 300 300
Badly insulated/damp 300 300 300

Step Two: Select heater outputs and mounting heights

Use Table 2 for heater selection.  To ensure a good coverage we suggest ‘footprints’ are allowed to overlap by 10 to 15%.

Taking the preferred mounting height into consideration, select the model that provides the required kW output using the minimum number of heaters.  Spacing the heaters evenly, plot the ‘footprints’ onto a sketch of the hall to ensure good coverage.

HN3 Wall and Ceiling Mount Diag
Table 2
kW Wall Mounted Area
Covered (m)
Overhead Mounted (m) Area
Covered (m)
1.5 kW or 2kW 2.5 3.2 2.6 6.0 11.9 3.0 3.0 2.0 6.0
3.0 3.4 3.6 6.7 18.2 3.5 3.3 2.3 7.6
3kW Vertical 3.0 3.7 3.6 7.0 19.2 3.5 3.3 2.6 8.6
3.5 4.0 4.2 7.9 25.0 4.0 5.0 3.1 15.5
3kW Linear 2.5 3.6 2.6 6.4 13.0 3.5 3.8 2.6 9.9
3.0 3.8 2.6 7.1 19.6 4.0 5.5 2,8 15.4
4.5kW or 6kW 3.5 4.0 4.2 8.1 25.4 4.0 5.0 3.4 17.0
4.0 4.3 4.5 8.4 28.6 5.0 5.3 3.7 19.6

In this instance we would select 6 x 3kW HN3-30 infrared heaters which can be mounted at 3m above floor level to achieve the following coverage:

Plan view of community hall 15m x 6m showing suggested positions for 6 x 3kW shortwave halogen heaters