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HWP2 Patio Heaters

  • HWP patio heaters are a stylish means of providing comfort heat in outdoor or indoor locations
  • Professional quality patio heaters suitable for both domestic and commercial applications including pub gardens, pavement cafes and golf driving ranges

All HWP Heaters are available in

magic lamp logo


Our halogen heaters are now available in Magic Lamp format. All the performance of a conventional shortwave halogen heater but producing the gentlest pink glow and zero glare.
Magic Lamp heaters should not be confused with mediumwave ‘low glow’ heaters. Magic Lamp heaters emit shortwave energy that can travel several metres without losing intensity or being affected by draughts and breezes.

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Standard Models

Model kW Volts Colour List Price
HWP2-B 1.5 230 Black £207.00
HWP2-W 1.5 230 White £207.00
HWP2-S 1.5 230 Silver £207.00
HWP2-2B 2.0 230 Black £250.00
HWP2-2W 2.0 230 White £250.00
HWP2-3B 3.0 230 Black £358.00
HWP2-3W 3.0 230 White £358.00
HWP2-45B  4.5 230 or 400/3N Black £505.00

Models with Magic Lamps

Model kW Volts Colour List Price
HWP2-BM 1.5 230 Black £300.00
HWP2-WM 1.5 230 White £300.00
HWP2-SM 1.5 230 Silver £300.00
HWP2-2BM 2 230 Black £305.00
HWP2-2WM 2 230 White £305.00
HWP2-3BM 3 230 Black £543.00
HWP2-3WM 3 230 White £543.00
HWP2-45BM 3 230 Black £733.00








2kW patio heaters keeping golfers warm at a driving range

2kW patio heaters keeping golfers warm at an 86 bay driving range. 










Model Description List Price
TS-7 Soft start push-button timer 6kW max (not suitable for use with contactor) £198.00
TS-8 Push button timer 4.5kW max (can be used with contactor) £200.00
WH-402 Movement sensor (3kW max direct switching) £127.00
VR-2 Dimmer IP55 (3kW switching) £175.00

A soft start relay can prolong lamp life – click here for details

HWP2-S heaters providing instant heat in the smartest-looking smoking area we've ever seen!

With a choice of three finishes, BN Thermic patio heaters can really match the aesthetic of your premises 

Technical Specification

Finish:  Epoxy polyester powder coating

Frosted halogen lamp (1.5kW heaters)
Gold filtered halogen lamp (heaters 2kW and above)
All models also available in Magic Lamp format
All lamps replaceable
7000 hours average life
Instantly effective
95% of output is useful infrared energy

Construction: Aluminium case
Electro anodised aluminium press-formed parabolic reflector
Stainless steel safety guard
Mounting: Steel wall bracket providing ‘up and down’ angle adjustment
Lugs for suspension
Ingress protection: IP55
Electrical connections: 3m high temperature cable fitted to all heaters
Guarantee: 1 year
HWP2 outside a Mexican steak house

To ensure running costs are kept to a minimum, patio heaters are often installed with a TS-6 push button timer

Product Data

Model kW Volts Finish Length Depth Height Weight (kg)
HWP2-B 1.5 230 Black 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-W 1.5 230 White 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-S  1.5 230 Silver 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-BM 1.5 230 Black 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-WM 1.5 230 White 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-SM 1.5 230 Silver 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-2B 2.0 230 Black 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-2BM 2.0 230 Black 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-2W 2.0 230 White 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-2WM 2.0 230 White 480 140 125 1.7
HWP2-3B 3.0 230 Black 960 140 125 2.7
HWP2-3W 3.0 230 White 960 140 125 2.7
HWP2-3BM 3.0 230 Black 960 140 125 2.7
HWP2-3WM 3.0 230 White 960 140 125 2.7
HWP2-45B 4.5 230 or 400/3N Black 1440 140 125 4.5
HWP2-45BM 4.5 230 Black 1440 140 125 4.5
A Battersea bistro providing a warm outdoor dining area

Replacement Lamps

Model Output Heater
RL15CW 1500W HWP2-B/W/S (one lamp per heater)
RL15MW 1500W HWP2-BM/WM/SM (one lamp per heater)
RL20GW 2000W HWP2-2B/W (one lamp per heater)
RL20MW 2000W HWP2-2BM/WM (one lamp per heater)
RL15GW/3 1500W HWP2-3B/W (two lamps per heater)
RL15MW/3 1500W HWP2-3BM/WM (two lamps per heater)
RL15GW 1500W HWP2-45B (central lamp of three)
RL15GW/4 1500W HWP2-45B (two outside lamps)
RL15MW/4 1500W HWP2-45BM (two outside lamps)


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a suitable heating for your application, please click below to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.

Enquiry Form

Selecting HWP patio heaters

HWP2_diag02_overhead 4

Use the following diagrams and tables to select the optimum mounting position. 

In an exposed location and where mounting height is relatively high, we recommend installing a 2kW, 3kW or 4.5kW heater.

Area Covered – Wall Mounted

kW H(m) X(m) Y(m) Z(m)  Area(m²)
1.5kW 2.0 2.3 2.4 4.0 7.6
1.5kW 2.5 3.0 3.0 5.2 12.3
2kW 2.0 2.3 2.4 4.0 7.6
2kW 2.5 3.0 3.0 5.2 12.3
3kW 2.0 3.4 2.4 4.5 9.5
3kW 2.5 4.2 3.0 5.8 15.0
4.5kW 2.0 4.3 2.4 5.0 11.2
4.5kW 2.5 4.8 3.0 6.4 16.8

Area Covered – Overhead Mounted

 kW H (m) X(m) Y(m) Area (m²)
1.5 or 2 2.0 3.6 2.5 9.0
1.5 or 2 2.5 4.8 3.5 16.8
3.0 2.0 4.3 2.5 10.7
3 2.5 5.2 3.5 18.2
4.5 2.0 4.8 2.5 12.0
4.5 2.5 5.6 3.5 19.6


HWP patio heaters heat people directly without the need to build up and maintain a body of warm air.  For this reason thermostatic control is rarely appropriate.  The following control options will greatly improve economy by ensuring that unoccupied areas are not heated.


TS-7 Soft Start Timer

The TS-7 timer is designed for direct switching of patio heaters with a combined load of up to 6kW.  The time delay period can be adjusted from 5 minutes to 90 minutes and once this time period has elapsed the heating will be switched off automatically.  The built-in triac provides ‘soft start’ prolonging lamp life and reducing stress on the mains supply.  The TS-7 includes terminals allowing the device to be connected to a remote programmable timer and/or a thermostat.

The TS-7 is rated IP65 making it safe for outdoor installation.

This device is not suitable for use with a contactor.


TS-8 Timer (for use with a contactor)

The TS-8 has been developed from the TS-7 mainly for applications where there is a need to switch halogen heaters via a contactor.  It has a direct switching capacity of 4.5kW and does not provide a soft start.  In other respects it is identical to the TS-7.

WH-402 Movement sensor

WH-402 Movement Sensor

The WH-402 is a compact, surface mount, weatherproof device which can detect movement up to 12m from its mounting position in a 180° arc.  Both distance and angle of detection can be reduced.  Once movement has been detected the heating will be switched on.  If no further movement is detected within a pre-programmed period (between 5 seconds and 18 minutes)the heating will be automatically switched off.  The WH-402 is rated IP55 making it safe for outdoor use.

The WH-402 can switch loads up to 3kW directly and larger loads via a suitable contactor.

VR-2 dimmer switch

VR-2 Dimmer

The VR-2 can control the intensity of the output from infrared halogen heaters up to 3kW.  A simple panel front knob provides 30% to 100% adjustment.  It also proves a convenient means of isolating the heater with a definite ‘click’ to off.