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System X
  • A version of BN Thermic’s OUH3 industrial fan heater designed specifically for use with a three phase NO NEUTRAL supply
  • Provides an efficient means of heating industrial premises
  • The most robust unit heater available offering exceptional reliability
  • Choice of four models for 380V, 400V or 440V supplies
  • Specially designed bracket for wall or ceiling mounting (heaters also suitable for suspension)

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Model kW Voltage
Built-in Thermostat List Price 
OUH3-09-3W 8.1/9.0/10.9 380/400/440/3 Yes £1522.00
OUH3-15-3W 13.5/15/18.2 380/400/440/3 Yes £2029.00
OUH3-20-3W 18/20/24.2 380/400/440/3 Yes £2038.00
OUH3-25-3W 22.5/25/30.2 380/400/440/3 Yes £2125.00
OUH3-480V Call for more information £CALL
OUH2-3W Front view

OUH3-3W Front view

OUH2-3W Rear View, showing fan

OUH3-3W Rear View, showing fan

Technical Specification

Colour: Light grey case with black grille and bracket
Finish:  Epoxy polyester powder coating
Construction: 1.2mm steel case
Fan: Motor mounted in cool compartment
Thermally protected motor
Totally enclosed and factory lubricated fan motor
Protection Devices: High-limit temperature control with automatic reset
Heat purge device clears residual heat
Heating Element: Stainless steel sheathed tubular heating element
Concentric formation for optimum heat transfer
Control: Factory installed fused control circuit
Factory installed contactor
Temperature control by means of factory fitted thermostat or remote mounted thermostats.
Installation: Specially designed bracket for ceiling or wall-mounting provides a variety of discharge angles and 360⁰ rotation
Suspension hooks supplied as an extra (Code: OUH3-HK)
Maximum recommended mounting height (model 09): 2.5m (horizontal discharge), 3m (vertical discharge)
Maximum recommended mounting height (models 15 to 25): 3m (horizontal discharge), 3.5m (vertical discharge)
Maximum operating ambient temperature:  30°C
Guarantee: 2 year
OUH2-3W Side view, with bracket

OUH3-3W Side View, with bracket

Performance Data

Model kW Voltage NO NEUTRAL Airflow (m³/h) Approximate Temperature Rise (°C) dB*@ 2m
OUH3-09-3W 8.1/9.0/10.9 380/400/440/3 1100 21/24/29 60
OUH3-15-3W 13.5/15/18.2 380/400/440/3 3150 11/13/15 65
OUH3-20-3W 18/20/24.2 380/400/440/3 3150 15/17/20 65
OUH3-25-3W 22.5/25/30.2 380/400/440/3 3150 19/22/26 65

*Noise levels are factory tested, not laboratory tested.

Physical Data

Models Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Weight (kg)
OUH3-09-3W 320 435 405 18
OUH3-15-3W to OUH3-25-3W 445 565 485 37

Controls / Accessories

Model Description List Price
CS 4 01 CS-4 ON / OFF Switch £57.00
programmable thermostat RT16 Electronic programmable thermostat 16A £137.00
OUH3-HK Hooks OUH3-HK Suspension kit (four hooks and locknuts) £12.00