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PW Pipe Freeze Protection Cable

CRJ Pipe Freeze Protection Cable
  • Prevents water from freezing in metal or plastic pipes  avoiding the cost and inconvenience of burst pipes
  • Built-in thermostat and pre-terminated power lead with 3 pin plug makes installation simple
  • Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.


Model Watts Heated Length (m) List Price
PW-01 12 1 £102.00
PW-02 24 2 £111.00
PW-03 36 3 £123.00
PW-04 48 4 £129.00
PW-06 72 6 £140.00
PW-10 136 10 £145.00
PW-14 152 14 £150.00
PW-21 281 21 £151.00
PW-30 337 30 £180.00
PW-42 490 42 £208.00
PW-06 with built-in thermostat and UK plug

A PW kit consists of a cable, a built in thermostat and a 3 pin plug. They are extremely simple to install 


  Model Description List Price
PF L e1499261315240 PF-L Caution label (10 pack) £9.50
PF T tape PF-T Fixing tape 33m x 19mm £5.00
AL 50 tape AL-50 Aluminium tape 45m x 50mm (for use with plastic pipes) £17.00

Technical Specification

Voltage: 230V
Output: 12W to 490W depending on model
Thermostat type: bi-metallic
Thermostat switch point: 3°C
Power lead: 1.5m 3 core with 3 pin fused plug
Maximum exposure temperature: 66°C (i.e. do not use with steam cleaned pipes)
Ingress protection: IP66


If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a pipe freeze protection cable for you, please send an email to  with details of your application and we will respond with detailed proposal.

Cable Selection

Pipes up to 50mm diameter can be protected by a PW cable installed in a straight line.  When the cable is slightly longer than the pipe, it can be wound in a gentle, evenly spaced helix.  The entire installation (pipe, cable and thermostat) must be covered with insulation (maximum thickness 20mm).

PF-T Tape

Fixing Tape

PF-T fixing tape is supplied in 33m rolls and is ideal for fixing heating cable to the pipe.  We recommend securing the cable at 200mm intervals.

AL-50 Tape

Aluminium Tape

When heating a plastic pipe, the pipe should be wrapped in aluminium tape before the heating cable is installed.  AL-50 is supplied in 45m x 50mm rolls.

Where PW cables are used with plastic pipe that may be empty, the pipe should be wrapped in a double layer of aluminium tape.  One before the cable is installed and after the cable is installed.  The second layer will cover both pipe and cable.

PF-L Warning Labels

Warning Labels

PF-L warning labels are supplied as a pack of 10 and should be fixed to the outside of the insulation at regular intervals.