System X

System X
  • A unique system allowing six styles of fan heaters and air curtains to be linked and controlled from a single point

  • Ideal for a multitude of commercial and industrial applications especially shops and warehouses

  • Connect up to 12 heaters and air curtains in any combination and any sequence

  • All control connections by Cat5 cable for super quick and error free installation

Range & Prices

The prices shown are list prices and perfectly safe to use for budget purposes. Contact your electrical wholesaler for final prices.

Ceiling Grid Heaters (600 x 600 grid)

Model kW Tech Data List Price
XC-30 3.0 See SCHG-30 CLICK HERE £383.00
XC-45 4.5 See SCHG-45 CLICK HERE £396.00
XC-60 6.0 See SCHG-60 CLICK HERE £534.00

Wall Mounted Fan Heater/Overdoor Heater

Model kW Length (mm) Tech Data List Price
XD-30 3.0 635 See 830 CLICK HERE £365.00
XD-60 6.0 1105 See 860 CLICK HERE £537.00
XD-90* 9.0 1620 See 890 CLICK HERE £792.00

*XD-90 suitable for overdoor duty only


Surface Mount Ceiling Heaters (can be suspended)

Model kW Tech Data List Price
XS-30 3.0 See SMH-30 CLICK HERE £385.00
XS-45 4.5 See SMH-45 CLICK HERE £398.00
XS-60 6.0 See SMH-60 CLICK HERE £530.00

Recessed Heaters

Model kW Length (mm) Tech Data List Price
XR-20 3.0 363 See RH-20 CLICK HERE £310.00
XR-30 3.0 597 See RH-30 CLICK HERE £350.00
XR-60 6.0 1198 See RH-60 CLICK HERE £568.00

Commercial Air Curtains

Model kW Length (mm) Tech Data List Price
XAS-30 3.0 635 See CAS-30 CLICK HERE £384.00
XAS-45 4.4 635 See CAS-45 CLICK HERE £389.00
XAD-60 6.0 1105 See CAD-60 CLICK HERE £574.00
XAD-90 9.0 1105 See CAD-90 CLICK HERE £642.00
XAT-90 9.0 1620 See CAT-90 CLICK HERE £744.00
XAT-135 13.5 1620 See CAT-135 CLICK HERE £779.00

Industrial Fan Heaters

Model kW Tech Data* List Price
XH-03 3.0 See OUH2-03 CLICK HERE £739.00
XH-05 5.0 See OUH2-05 CLICK HERE £743.00
XH-07 7.5 See OUH2-07 CLICK HERE £769.00
XH-10 10 See OUH2-10 CLICK HERE £810.00
XH-15 15 See OUH2-15 CLICK HERE £1140.00
XH-20 20 See OUH2-20 CLICK HERE £1195.00
XH-25 25 See OUH2-25 CLICK HERE £1305.00

*XH models do not have a built-in thermostat


Control Components

Type Description Model List Price
Controller With thermostat CX1 £132.00
Controller With tamper resistant thermostat CX2 £134.00
Controller Without thermostat CX3 £124.00
Controller With digital programmable thermostat CX6 £182.00
Sensor Optional remote sensor for use with CX1, CX2 or CX6 CXS £30.00
Cable Cat5 terminated 5m DX05 £6.00
Cable Cat5 terminated 10m DX10 £9.00
Cable Cat5 terminated 20m DX20 £13.00
Joiner Cat5 Cable Joiner JX1 £2.80

How it Works

System X provides comfort or background heat in a wide variety of commercial and industrial buildings and is particularly suited to shops and warehouses

A system will include a controller and up to 12 individual heaters and/or air curtains.  The heaters can be selected from a variety of mounting styles and kW outputs which can be in any combination and in any sequence.  The control daisy chain is connected by means of Cat5 cables ensuring the quickest possible installation time.  Power is introduced to each heater individually with the controller taking its power from the first heater in the chain.

Technical Specification

All System X heaters have built-in relays allowing them to be controlled by a CX1, CX2, CX3 or CX6 controller.  One controller can control up to 12 heaters of any type and in any sequence.

Connection between controller and the first heater and between heaters is by means of Cat5 cables. The heaters are fitted with a pair of Cat5 sockets either of which can be ‘in’ or ‘out’.

Maximum recommended cable lengths between controller and first heater and between individual heaters is 50m.

Power is introduced to each heater individually with the controller taking its power from the first heater in the group

System X Control Components


Model: CX1

Maximum number of heaters controlled: 12
Type of heaters controlled: any heaters from the System X range in any sequence
Electrical Supply: taken from heater via Cat5 cable
Heater settings: on/off/high heat/low heat/fan only
Built-in adjustable thermostat range: 0 to 30˚C
Connection to first heater in group: Cat5 cable
Mounting: surface mount
Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 40mm

Model: CX2

As CX1 but with a tamper resistant built-in thermostat

Model: CX3

As CX1 but without built-in thermostat

Model: CX6

As CX1 but with:

7-day programmable timer
Temporary override
Temporary lock
Optimum start for enhanced economy (user selectable)

Model: CXS

Remote mounted sensor for use with CX1, CX2 or CX6 controller
Overrides the controller’s built-in air sensor
Recommended maximum cable length between controller and sensor: 20m
Mounting: surface mount
Dimensions: 80mm x 80mm x 35mm

Pre-terminated Cat5 Cables

DX05: 5m
DX10: 10m
DX20: 20m
JX1: Cat5 Joiner / Coupler – Click fit (Joins two Cat5 cables together should you require longer lengths)


Heater Selection

If you would like the experts at BN Thermic to select a suitable heating for your application, please click below to access our enquiry form.  Simply provide as much information as you have available and we will respond with a detailed proposal.

Enquiry Form

In simple terms the output of the System X installation must be greater than the heat losses from the building during periods of cold weather.  A small amount of heat is lost through the walls, ceilings and floors with more significant losses through windows and doors.

To estimate the heat loss from your building you may like to use our heat calculation tool

Heat Calculator

The estimated heat loss figure is the absolute minimum kW output that you should consider installing.  We would suggest adding approximately 50% to this figure to allow for an acceptable warm up time in cold conditions as well as making allowances for exceptional weather conditions and possible errors in the original data used in the estimate.

Having established the minimum kW output, select the minimum number of heaters needed to meet this requirement.  The choice of mounting style will be dictated by the requirements of individual rooms.  Please remember that one system can comprise any style of heaters in any combination or sequence