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Heating Temporary and Semi-Permanent Buildings

Heating Temporary and Semi-Permanent Buildings

Using Longwave Radiant Heaters

The current pandemic has led to an increased demand for temporary and semi-permanent buildings, especially in the education and health sectors.  Heating this type of structure presents some specific and unique challenges.

BN Thermic generally recommends Longwave Radiant Cassettes which meet the requirements of heating temporary and semi-permanent buildings for the following reasons.

rms 2

Radiant cassettes providing discreet high-level comfort heat in a
semi-permanent assembly hall 

radiant heaters in temporary building

Radiant cassettes can be easy suspended from any central frame work within a semi-permanent structure

Quick Install

Temporary and semi-permanent buildings are often required as a response to unforeseen situations or emergencies and can be erected in great haste.  Longwave radiant cassettes are available from stock and are very easy to install.  Generally, they are suspended from chains along the centre-line of the building and require a simple 230V electrical supply.

Suspend From the Strongest Part of the Structure

The structural strength of a temporary or semi-permanent building comes from its steel frame rather than from wall and ceiling panels.  BN Thermic’s longwave radiant cassettes are  suspended from the frame itself, placing no strain on the less substantial elements of the structure.

heating a marquee

Radiant cassettes can be easily suspended on chains using the brackets provided 

how to heat a marquee

Radiant cassettes can be mounted up to 8m meaning they free up wall space and do not interfere with activities 

Free Use of Floor and Wall Space

This type of building is used for a wide range of activities including classrooms and temporary clinics.  To allow free use of valuable wall and floor space, it is essential that heaters are mounted at high level.  BN Thermic’s ESP2 cassettes deliver their heating effect by emitting longwave radiant energy which travels downward for the face of the cassette and are more effective with a high mounting position.

Silent Operation

Longwave radiant cassettes operate silently making them an idea heating solution for temporary and semi-permanent buildings used in the education and health sectors.  For temporary industrial buildings, industrial fan heaters can also be considered.

heating marquees

BN Thermic heaters on site and about to be installed into a temporary NHS building in the North West of England 


Simple Control for Best Possible Economy

BN Thermic longwave radiant cassettes are very simple to control.  Generally, we recommend a digital programmable thermostat is mounted at low level.  Depending on the quantity and output of the cassettes installed, this device can switch the cassettes directly or via a suitably rated contactor.

Can we Help?

BN Thermic offers free of charge heating proposals for virtually all commercial or industrial projects.  Please call our experienced and friendly team to discuss your requirements on 01293 547 361. 

how to heat a marquee drawing

An example of a design a BN Thermic engineer put together for a semi permanent classroom