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The efficient and cost effective heating of churches presents a unique combination of challenges; both technical and aesthetic.  A successful church heating system will be effective, economic and as unobtrusive as possible…

Village Hall

Village halls and community halls are used for a wide variety of activities ranging from jumble sales and Pilates classes to badminton and even indoor football….

Care Home

BN Thermic has long track record of heating care homes and nursing homes using radiant ceiling panels.  Low temperature, radiant ceiling panels are designed to be integrated into a suspended ceiling grid or to be fixed directly to a conventional ceiling….


High street shops require reliable heating systems to maintain a comfortable working environment for staff and to provide a warm welcome for customers….

Squash Court

Probably the most important consideration when selecting a heating system for a squash court is not to interfere with the game itself…

Sports Hall

Designing a heating system for a sports hall can be challenging.  The main issue is usually the effect of a very high ceiling, often in excess of 6m…


Warehouse heating systems are required to provide and acceptable working environment, to protect product from the adverse effect of cold temperatures, or sometimes both…

Overdoor heaters

The vocabulary used to describe heaters designed to be installed over doors can be very confusing.  The terms air curtain, screen heater, overdoor heater etc. are bandied about and seem to mean completely different things to different people….

Outdoor heaters

The benefits of an effective outdoor heating system are well established.  Cafes, pubs and restaurants have all benefitted from the increased revenue generated by customers enjoying an alfresco experience…

Other Applications

BN Thermic can provide an energy saving heating solution for almost every commercial or industrial building…